Published on June 30, 2019 (Updated on June 30, 2019)

Move Shaders (Android/iOS)

Surely you are bored with leaves, grass, and everything in Minecraft (Android/iOS), you definitely want leaves, grass, and everything in Minecraft (Android/iOS) to move / wave and you want to use shaders in Minecraft (Android/iOS) but you have a weak device with these shaders there can install these shaders in Minecraft (Android/iOS) And where can this make leaves, grass, and flowers in moving Minecraft (Android/iOS).

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nothing has changed on the site not in the file so it only fixes the problem on the site.

This Shader only supports Android / iOS


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Can u PLEASEEEEE make it compatible with esbe if I put the move shaders on top of esbe, esbe shaders don't work but if I do esbe on top of move shaders,move shaders don't work please make this work
why does it cut down my render distance to half?Is it supposed to do that?
It says the pack is dangerous in Safari...
That s*** has a super virus oh hell nah lmao
this work on 1.16.53 snapshot?
This is for bedrock not java
Here is the direct link:
to make it work they have to put an h at the beginning of the and a / after the : in almost the beginning of the link
I dont get it
Guest-5651846792 May 26, 2020 at 2:07 am
Sorry for my english
Thank you! It works
Anvil and tripware moveing ??
Long bodied giraffe with short neck December 12, 2019 at 7:09 am
jeez how does this people not know how to download this
because theyre all 9 year olds. cut then some slack
The shader don work properly if it's rain the world won't rendering
What a download ?
I Cant even download it!i can't find the get link!
Needs to be improved. Torches, doors, fences, campfires, basically anything that isn't a full Block, slab or stairs is moved by this resource pack. Not nice at all
When you go underwater nothing shows. Please fix it fast
When start raining, the world doesn't show me the block