Published on September 27, 2020 (Updated on May 31, 2022)

Mr. Meat 1.9.6 BETA 0.9.5 (Horror)

This is a horror map, in it you have to find out the secret of Mister Meat and save the girl! Look for clues, solve puzzles! Will you be able to find out the secret and save Alelia? Good luck! ATTENTION! THIS IS THE BETA VERSION OF THE MAP, HERE COULD BE BUGS, DEFECTS, ETC... SO DON'T HAVE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS. WE WILL FIX EVERYTHING IN THE RELEASE OF THE MAP. 

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UPDATE 1.9.6 BETA 0.9.5! 🎉

List of changes:

Pig (Only found on difficulty),

days added, 

Added checking items in hand! 

Added vise for bar! 

Added invisibility in lockers, 

New walkthrough,

Added Items are applied when they are in your hands,

 new ending, 

Inventory slots are now limited! 

dark interface, 

The roof is falling through! 

Respawn regular doors, 

Passage in one and a half blocks! 

new textures, 

Slightly changed the main passage,

The blowtorch must now be obtained by shooting, 

The round key must now be removed from the bath, 

Less lags Changed menu text,

Removed "About Update" button,

correct textures, 

Bugs fixed.

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Wait why is there a block blocking the blue key door? Is this the part of the map that is unfinished? It is past summer 2021 and I still can't finish the map.
Everything should be normal with the door, I don’t know why you have something wrong with it. I work on other minecraft maps, so there are no updates for a long time, but I promise they will be, though I don’t know when
DreamfanVinceLouis May 09, 2021 at 10:06 am
Good map dude,keep update it XD
thanks, we continue to update, in the summer of 2021 more mechanics will be added, and before that there will be an Update with tips to simplify the game, as well as an update with a roof fix (probably)