Published on October 21, 2020 (Updated on October 21, 2020)

Mutant Hunter [Remastered] (Adventure)

Its been a long time since the old version of mutant hunter submitted back in October 2018, right now I'm PUMPKINSIDD, release the remastered version of the old mutant hunter this will include improved texture, buildings, and bug fixes. Back in the 2018 this map been made on Minecraft Bedrock version 1.6 and now been remastered in 1.16 which is 10 version back then.  

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Changelog :

- Zombies & Husks Has A Improved Texture 

- All The Building Been Remastered And Added A New Building Including ( Mutant Cryogenic Room, Chemical Weapon Room )

- B-3 Building Changed From "Mutant Embrio Container" Into "Mutant Research Room"

- All Spawnpoint Bug has Fixed.

- All Swords Texture Has Been Remastered 

- VTOL Warship Added On Top of Main Lobby Building As a Decorations, Along With Vanilla Machine Guns Sound Effect.

- Mission Objective Is Been Changed Due to Broken Language.

- Notebook In B-3 Has Been Removed Due to Mutant Hunter Only One Map

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Just a question is this multiplayer?
Yes ! By Sending Them Invite to the map