Published on December 28, 2019 (Updated on October 04, 2020)

mystchif's Flatlands Pack (Discontinued)

myschif's Flatlands Pack v1.0.4

mystchif's Flatland Pack is a collection of custom superflat worlds, Currently, in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition you are not able to create any custom flatlands using the provided tools from Minecraft. I have created some custom flatlands to help you for any uses. Request flatlands in the comments below for more!


Flatlands Work With The Following BEDROCK Versions:

  • MCPE
  • Minecraft Windows 10
  • Xbox (Not Tested But Joinable)

All Versions Are Compatible With Multiplayer.

Select version for changelog:


•Changed Header

•Discontinued Pack

•Removed the deep world flat land download



  • mystchif's Snow Block Flat.mcworld
  • mystchif's Red Desert Flat.mcworld
  • mystchif's Ocean Flat.mcworld
  • mystchif's Honey Flat.mcworld
  • mystchif's Deep World.mcworld
  • mystchif's Pro Flat.mcworld
  • mystchif's 1 Sand Flat.mcworld
  • mystchif's Sandstone Flat.mcworld
  • mystchif's Snow Void.mcworld
  • mystchif's End Flat.mcworld
  • mystchif's Diamond Flat.mcworld
  • mystchif's Nether Flat.mcworld
  • mystchif's Desert Flat.mcworld
  • mystchif's Extended Flatland.mcworld

Supported Minecraft versions

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TheMemeManHimself May 04, 2021 at 9:04 am
Also can we still request?
TheMemeManHimself May 04, 2021 at 9:03 am
Edu players arise
OK, i can not find a superflat that is not infinite, can you make one that is not infinite, has a top layer of 6 dirt, 40 stone, and 3 layers of bedrock for the bottom???
This is a rip-off , I try downloading It on my device to play and It shows download error, I try on my other devices and It's the same thing. I checked my downloads and It shows "0B". It isn't our devices that's wrong, It's the flatland pack you made yourself that's wring because It doesn't work.

You need to figure out what error you made in this cause there's obviously a problem as I can tell form the other comments that other have experienced the same thing. Kind of disappointing.
Thanks for your feedback. This flatland pack was made for versions 1.14 and 1.15. 1.16 has not been tested yet and may not work. Which packs are you having trouble with? Also, I tested a few of the packs myself and they work just fine. What device are you using?
Oh and I wondering If you could make a 32 deep white Concrete world, I can't find those anywhere.
I'm sorry to mention but I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get access to these files, especially the superflat-sandstone ones. It let's my phone open the mcworld file, but my game (up-to-date latest version) fails to import It each time, even with the help of FX File Explorer. I really thought that It would've been better to make these files zip files so it would be much easier for everyone.

Could you please help, I really need this and I don't have much options for anywhere else to get a superflat sandstone world from pls.
I have mostly stopped working on this pack. I will be releasing a mystchif’s Flatland Pack V2 very soon with a different download format. Should be out tomorrow. Check it out!
CAN YOU DO SMOOTH QUARTZ SUPERFLAT? I can find some anywhere ?
Hey can you make rainbow concrete world please? :(
Please add Bedrock World of 1 block of floor, why it's for expirments, goodbye thank you .
There is nothing inside the file I can’t download it
You seem to have the same problem as a few other people... Can you elaborate?
Please mak it mcpack thanks
i cant download, it says download failed on the extended flatland. what the swear word moment
my idea is when it downloads on the bottom of the screen, you can click on the arrow on the file and just hold it open until it finishes
For some reason, if you hold open the file, it always finishes properly and it works
melon world
15 melon
1 bedrock
1 why couldn't u make it .mctemplate,cuz on java these worlds are infinite to create,why not here?
Podsol flat and obsidian flat!
sorry i meant podzol