Published on November 14, 2021 (Updated on January 01, 2023)

Mystic Land [WIP]

Have you ever wanted to experience a world with filled with the creatures of ancient mythology! Now you can! Mystic Land adds Medusa, Sirens and Mermaids. And many more to come like Wyverns.

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed breaking certain blocks would crash the game
  • Fixed mermaid song not giving regeneration
  • Fixed crystal blocks using the wrong sound
  • Fixed ores not dropping loot when using elemental pickaxes
  • Fixed sirens not attacking villagers

Misc Changes

  • Changed spawn rate of mermaid shipwreak
  • Made tails enchantable 

New Content

  • Added Medusa Scale
  • Added Medusa Tail
  • Added Siren Variants
  • Added Mermaid Variants
  • Added Siren/Mermaid Tail recipes
  • Added Siren/Mermaid Armor recipes
  • Added loot to Sirens and Mermaids
  • Added Sea Crown
  • Added Pegasus
  • Added Fairy Flowers
  • Added Flowering and Red Berry Vines
  • Added Queen Fairies
  • Added Fairies
  • Added recipes to craft Fairy Wings
  • Added Fairy houses
  • Added Fairy Case
  • Added Unicorns
  • Added Unicorn Horn
  • Added recipes for Wyvern Tools
  • Added Crystal Shards
  • Added Pyrite Apple
  • Added item textures for cow, fox and cat statues
  • Added two new attacks for Medusa


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Pinned comment
For those who are thinking that this mod is dead i wanted to say that they have a pending update right now! If you dont believe me i am apart of their addon server in discord they are working very hard to make more mobs!
Pleas update cause this is the best addon ever!! Also fix the sea crown they can still inflict potion effect on me also add more mermaid and siren variation, add more sounds to them and can you adjust the behavior of the sirens and mermaid can you make them neutral and attack you when you attack them and they should naturally attack nearby villagers or pillagers by drowning them and can you give them sitting animation when spawned on land, lastly I feel like you should make their body slightly bigger and longer especially the tail and add fins, pls consider🥲
Hey does anyone know how to trap a fairy? Been trying to figure out how.
Hold an enchanted book and empty fairy case and interact with the fairy. I believe the fairy case needs to be in the offhand and the book needs to be in the main hand.
nice addon
Great addon! I just wanted to know if I could fly on a tamed pegasus because I couldn't figure out how. Also I can't fly/glide while using the wyvern or the fairy wings either for some reason.
I recommend adding night vision to the mermaid/siren tails
Nice add-on, can you fix Medusa tail in the water?
Bug reports go in the Discord, it's easier to discuss there rather than through the comments
I'm so excited for this! Please keep it coming. I love everything so far and want to see what else you do.
I made this account just so I can talk about this, I am unsure if the spawn rate change was turned up or down, but either way it is wayy too much. its a boat every 15 blocks basically unusable in any normal sense.
It's not normal, it'll be reduced next update
Hey there! I was wondering if i could use your mod to build a fantasy adventure map, I will of course give you credits and send u a link it will be on MCPEDL so I won’t make money off of it at all. Thank You, I hope to use your mod!
Does it work with realms
Try it and find out, realms are buggy in general for most addons
does this mod work with other mods?
The mod didn't work for me and I was so excited
This comment has been removed
mediafire isn't working for me:(
It was an issue with mediafire, it's been fixed now
awesome i cant wait for the wyvern update