Published on November 14, 2021 (Updated on January 01, 2023)

Mystic Land [WIP]

Have you ever wanted to experience a world with filled with the creatures of ancient mythology! Now you can! Mystic Land adds Medusa, Sirens and Mermaids. And many more to come like Wyverns.

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed breaking certain blocks would crash the game
  • Fixed mermaid song not giving regeneration
  • Fixed crystal blocks using the wrong sound
  • Fixed ores not dropping loot when using elemental pickaxes
  • Fixed sirens not attacking villagers

Misc Changes

  • Changed spawn rate of mermaid shipwreak
  • Made tails enchantable 

New Content

  • Added Medusa Scale
  • Added Medusa Tail
  • Added Siren Variants
  • Added Mermaid Variants
  • Added Siren/Mermaid Tail recipes
  • Added Siren/Mermaid Armor recipes
  • Added loot to Sirens and Mermaids
  • Added Sea Crown
  • Added Pegasus
  • Added Fairy Flowers
  • Added Flowering and Red Berry Vines
  • Added Queen Fairies
  • Added Fairies
  • Added recipes to craft Fairy Wings
  • Added Fairy houses
  • Added Fairy Case
  • Added Unicorns
  • Added Unicorn Horn
  • Added recipes for Wyvern Tools
  • Added Crystal Shards
  • Added Pyrite Apple
  • Added item textures for cow, fox and cat statues
  • Added two new attacks for Medusa


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Pinned comment
For those who are thinking that this mod is dead i wanted to say that they have a pending update right now! If you dont believe me i am apart of their addon server in discord they are working very hard to make more mobs!
Is there going to be another update??
Played with this addon in a survival world and i noticed that only the Unicorns are spawning. Unicorns also tend to get aggresive or attacks players out of nowhere even if tamed. The addon is great already for creative roleplay scenarios but i hope in the next update it'll be fun to have in survival
Please make an update soon
the addon is BROKEN, warning anyone who tends on downloading. only mob that spawns is the unicorns, NOTHING ELSE — even with experiments on, the addon is just bugged out. there’s only one coder who “works solo” so don’t expect this to be fixed anytime soon
If it doesn't bother you too much, in the next update I would like the Medusa head to be more useful
This is an incredible addon, it is definitely worth playing. It would be a good idea to have a complement dedicated solely to pegasi and unicorns. It would be great if they could be obtained with a special potion or saddle.
Can you please make it so when the player swims, crawls, shifts etc that the wings stay attached to the same place on the player model 💓
update please 🥹
I Really like the mod but do you think you could make it so there is a centipede and you can make armor so u can have centipede legs like the snake? (except the snake dont have legs)
Luna 囲院ば ❧ August 23, 2023 at 10:15 am
This is so lovely and I'm in love,this truly a dedication so kudos to your team,I really fantasy addon like this,and this goes number one in my list,it's so rare to find mermaid addon like the future I know this will be more awesome... support❤️
The mermaid tails don’t show up in my inventory same with the crown, fairy home, fairy jar, all of the armour, the daggers, and the Medusa head. Can you fix it pls
Luna 囲院ば ❧ August 23, 2023 at 10:10 am
Hello turn on all experimental buttons or if you're using any addon check them too or atleast put this on top of resources and behavior
great add-on but my unicorns are hostile. I just tamed my second one and at first it was friendly but then I got off of it once and it won't stop attacking me!! Ive fed it, sat it down, etc. and still won't stop