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Published on March 27, 2021 (Updated on July 19, 2021)

Nature's Spirit (A Nature Overhaul) [RTX UPDATE]

Have you ever wanted to expand your world, wanted new types of trees, or what about new blocks? This addon provides this too you, and more! It will allow you to expand your arsenal of building with new planks, logs, leaves, trapdoors, etc. Now with New Mobs!

Swamp Biome

One of the many biomes in the medium climate of Minecraft, it typically consists of Mushrooms, Witch Huts, Huge Lakes with an abundance of lily pads and clay, and lots of foliage like blue orchids and oak trees. This addon expands it with new Willow trees and Mangrove trees, too add to this there is a new block littered around on the surface; Mud! It slows and sinks you down making it more difficult to travel around here, even more there is a new dense green fog that really adds to the ambience of the area!

Here are a few Images:






Cherry Blossom Forest

Another addition of this pack is Sakura trees, both in Pink and White leaves, they really add a pop of color in the medium climates (plains, forest, etc), this biome is very beautiful and is also a great place to get bamboo and pandas as a bonus, this biome as of v2 has been moved to rare medium climates, look near jungle biomes to find this!

Here are a few images:





Savanna Biome

The Savanna Biome used to only be consisting of small acacia trees, and little plateaus now has a new tree; Baobab! Along with that there is Steeper Plateaus too it.


The Desert

While used to only having small temples and large dunes of sand, it has been updated to have 2 new sub-biomes!

The first being the Rocky Desert, it consists of 2 new types of trees, Palo Verde and Mahogany. It also has small rocks, coarse dirt and grass patches, along with little bushes.


The second one being the Oasis, complete with lively grass, and Palm trees, it makes the desert seem much more tropical.


Pine Cliffs

Along with addition of warm biomes, another cold biome has been added! The Pine cliffs, they have a wonderful height which allows for some amazing builds, along with the addition of a nice light wood.

Autumn Forest

Have you ever wanted an autumn themed biome? This Forest comes with 3 different maple trees, and an aspen tree, along with both their are pumpkins littered in patches!

Distorted/Violet Forest

An extremely rare biome found in the frozen climates, comes with new plants, mobs, and trees. It also has 2 new structures the distorted/violet ruins, each with a new boss mob and the enchanter which yields exclusive enchant books.

Rose Fields

Rose Fields are a new biome with little trees but large masses of roses, another amazing thing is its littered with moss patches which give an extra lush feel!

Blocks in The Addon

Fun fact most wood recipes still work with the addon





This addon now has RTX support :)



This addon is still new, please report any bugs in the comments or on this discord server (server). A few things to note are breaking blocks is still very slow, at the moment addon creators cannot make custom blocks affected by vanilla tools, breaking a double slab with silk touch will cause you to only get 1 slab in return instead of 2 slabs, and not all wood things have all their corresponding variants, there is plans to make them eventually though, doors are able to break things.

In the latest update leaves will decay, and doors now are almost vanilla!

All textures are made by me, and slab code credits go to Majestik Butter and RTX credit goes to Mad Lad . If showcasing or used in any projects be sure to leave a link. Please use the link for this MCPEDL page, do not use your own link. Do Not Re-post This Without Proper Credits And Permission. Also If You Are An Addon Creator Feel Free To Use Any Code In Here Besides The Slab Code And RTX, No Credits Needed

If you need help finding things here are coordinates and a seed to many of the rare biomes:

seed: 871870696

6428 63 -1130 Violet Forest and Distorted Forest
6857 95 -560 Cold Pine
8535 68 1384 Sakura Forest

Clouds render before the leaves (would not recommend using it)
Blocks still cannot be broken with tools correctly
Dispensers cannot bone meal saplings
No Door Item
Slab Placement is Still off
Shifting while flying may allow to phase through blocks
wood/planks cannot be used for fuel
Pick Blocking is weird for saplings and bush
Doors do not open with redstone signal
Blocks do not work with noteblocks
Cannot be smelted into charcoal
Saplings cannot be put into flower pot

RTX Setbacks

1. Leaves may stop rendering in certain locations 

2. Custom block's cull distance is too close to the player

3. Use an RTX pack when playing 

Select version for changelog:


Fixed Sapling Darkness
Fixed Savanna Bush Spawning
Fixed Savanna Bush Darkness
Fixed Bushy Leaves Model
Changed Pine Leaves Texture
Changed Willow Leaves Texture
Updated Door Models
Fixed Door Collision
Updated File Names Of Recipes
Added Post Blocks
Fixed Material Instance Errors
Ported Item Names To Lang Files
Added Rough Translations For Other Languages
Added Small Rose Bush
Added In Rose Fields Biome
Fixed Mud Generation In Swamp
Fixed Grass Generation In Oasis
Added Dried Mud 
Added Dried Mud Generation In Swamps
Removed Collision Blocks
Changed Mud Generation In Swamp
Added Decayable Leaves
Added Distorted Paricle Effects
Added Distorted Forest Biome
Added Distorted Fields Biome
Added Distorted River Biome
Added Distorted Wood
Added Corrupted Bluebell Flower
Added Distorted Roots
Added Distorted Sapling
Added Corrupted Sprouts
Added Corrupted Vines
Added Distorted Treelight
Added Maple Wood
Added Corrupted Moss Blocks
Added Corrupted Moss Carpets
Added Distorted Enderman, Does 10 Damage instead of 7, has Between 40 - 60 Health
Added Functions For Blocks
Added Bigger Granite, Tuff, Deepslate, Diorite, And Adeiste Blobs
Added Distorted Zombie, Does 6 damage instead of 3, Has Between 40 - 50 health
Added Violet Enderman, Does 10 Damage instead of 7, has between 40 - 60 health
Added Violet Wood
Added Violet Roots
Added Violet Particle Effects
Added Corrupted Lilac
Added Violet Sapling
Added Violet Tallgrass
Added Grieving Vines
Added Violet Treelight
Added Enchanter Mob, Trades Better Then Vanilla Enchants for 20 diamonds and a book
Fixed Mobs Jumping Over Saplings 
Fixed Pistons Pushing Saplings
Added Sorcerer Mob, Has 3 different states, shoots fireballs, dragon's breath, and shulker bullets, boss mob
Added Necromancer Mob, Has 3 differnt states, enderman, zombie, vex
Added Aspen Wood
Fixed Trapdoor Model
Made Savanna More Lush
Added Autumn Forest
Added Large Rose Bush
Added Rose
Added Twisted Trees [easter egg ;)]
Added Distorted Ruins
Added Violet Ruins

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for normal leaves, put bushy leaves under the normal leaves rp

ALSO please put on expiriemental gameplay, holiday, additional, and biome settings for this too work
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Can u plz make it so that its the thing with waiting and stuff cuz whwn i pressed open file it took me to my files and i cryed
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Can u make it so that its not ur website qnd that its the thing with waiting and the download acseuss cuz it took me to my files when i pressed open file and i cryed
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É o melhor addon de biomas!!!!!!mais vc poderia adicionar jacarandas??

It's the best biomes addon!!!!!!but could you add jacarandas??
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I keep getting update blocks for the willow trunk. Is there a best spot to put the addons so they are not getting over ruled by the better nether addon? On top doesn't seem to work
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Hi Eko, for me personally its a very good add on and i really liked it so much so far, but how do i get all the blocks, door, slab, leaves, and etc? Its only appear sapling. Can you help me?
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hello can i use your addon in my modpack with full credit to you
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for normal leaves, put bushy leaves under the normal leaves rp

ALSO please put on expiriemental gameplay, holiday, additional, and biome settings for this too work
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I hope you know 3/4 of this addon doesn't work
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All the Sakura, Willow and Mangrove things work (except doors), mud works, those 4 tree biomes work
All doors don't work
4 trees don't work + their item and blocks + those biomes don't work
No fog change

Also my last comment I know how to get leaves now I was being stupid that day.
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Said it supported 1.16.221, I added it onto my server and it didn't show up at all.
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Great job! I can see it becoming a huge addon
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OMG SO MUCH NEW WOOD ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!! But... I'm on xbox and for some reason nothing shows up.. might be because I was in a modded raft survival XD.. Amazing, and I'd like to see what this addon has in store.
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o wait I wasn't in experimental
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ok sorry of robbing your 5-star
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I had forgotten to evaluate! :)
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could you bring these sheets apart?
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I downloaded this but all of the new blocks in the addon have missing textures.
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