Published on March 27, 2021 (Updated on November 06, 2021)

Nature's Spirit (A Nature Overhaul) [RTX Update]

Have you ever wanted to expand your world, wanted new types of trees, or what about new blocks? Natures Spirit provides this too you, and more! It will allow you to expand your arsenal of building with new planks, logs, leaves, trapdoors, etc. Now with New Mobs and Flowers!

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Added blocks to inventory

Added fir forest

Added new stones

Added redwood forest

Added new flowers

Added splicing table

Added tundra biome

Fixed various bugs

Added dandelion fields

Added jacaranda trees

Added larch trees

Added ebony trees

Added redwood trees

Added fir trees

Removed extreme hills biome

Added bees in the autumn forest

Added enchanted grass

Added enchanted trees

Added nature's axe

Changed Sakura Leaf Textures

Edited Various Plank Textures

Supported Minecraft versions

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Pinned comment
for normal leaves, put bushy leaves under the normal leaves rp

ALSO please put on expiriemental gameplay, holiday, additional, and biome settings for this too work
sadly the sakura and pruple and stuff cant seem to spawn... im sad i would like to see it but hey the forest still look great!
please update this addon
It was such a good addon and now its abondened (atleast for Minecraft Bedrock) :(
Compatible with other addon????
i love this mod so much on xbox but theres a problem with the bushy leaves on the trees and the dead high land bush and gold rose and the splicing table the splicing table works fine but just like the other items ive listed it apears as a dirt block with the word update in green on it im not sure if its out dated or what. also the normal leaves rp does work still but its a little sad not having the bushy ones ... this is an updated message the new update made it so that hemlocks and a few other flowers textures dont apear instead the are dirt blocks with update on them and they are now floating
Get a block geo fixer addon that usually works
that worked on the leaves but not all the flowers they just spawn as update blocks in the air do you know a fix
Unfortunately no but I can suggest another mod that adds more trees and biomes check out Ybiomes craft that just got updated a few weeks ago and it is awesome it adds mobs too like squirrels, raccoons, deer, ladybugs, frogs, and butterflies
thanks im definitely gonna have to check that out
please release a version for 1.18
I tried it in a flat world first but the update blocks came out, although in a world if the addon appeared normal to me I don't know what happened there, but I'll keep waiting, you've done an excellent job
Well I was lucky enough to try this addon and I really liked it a lot, and it is so much that I liked it that I will wait for the update for onwards
is there an updated version for 1.18 bc when i download and use this pack many flowers and the splicing table show up as update blocks and i dont think the new trees r spawning in
Does this have saplings?
Can this still be used on a computer that can't do RTX?
This comment has been removed
I really like this addon but add it to 1.18.12 so whoever is up to date will be able to play
This is the greatest nature addon i've seen. But can you make some more trees to spawn in original minecraft biomes? It's kinda sad that without creative or wandering trader you can't get the sapling. It would be cool if you do super rare redwood/larch/fir/pine to spawn in taiga, or mapple in the birch forest!
Hi, I was wondering if I could have your permission to post a map using this mod.