Published on December 20, 2021 (Updated on December 19, 2021)

NC Skywars compiled 3

Lets end the year with a high note.. introducing Skywars compiled 3! Our last skywars map for 2021 that includes 5 beautiful arenas to play on, namely: Artificial park, FishTank, Outcast, CornApple and Helipad. Just like the previous skywars compiled, this one is also functional and all arenas can repair after playing. Get on top of the scoreboard by getting more wins. Practice with your friends and siblings to get better at skywars before showing the servers who's pro! Don't forget to have fun :)

If you have played one of our skywars compiled maps before, you already know what to expect from this one. To avoid map disturbances or malfunctions, make sure to enter each portal from the hub one by one and never type "/kill @e" nor switch off the command blocks. More information is provided in the map itself.
You can play with as many players as you like. The map can handle 40 players at a time while everyone is having fun on different arenas without any disturbances. Same as the previous Skywars compiled maps.


Artificial park

The park looks beautiful at night!


Take a bite from a gigantic apple by digging inside of it using a pickaxe!


Secure the landing spot for your teams helicopter!


Jump from one fish tank to another!


A deserted place with no food or water. Eat your friend to survive!


New refreshing design

Map features:

  • The map is functional
  • Play 5 different skywars arenas
  •  All arenas have a repairing system
  • A victory count has been added
  • Randomized chest loots
  • Floating text has been added

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5 / 5 (2 votes)
Hi, Beautiful map, Thanks for creating
also corn apple has a thing were blocks aren't in the chest is that on purpose or a bug?
That might be on purpose, we'll fix it on the next update. Thnx for feedback
what is the minimum number of players to start the game?
Minimum of 2 players for each arena