NC: Practice Bed Wars

Try out our new and improved Practice Bed Wars map. Fight against mobs that act similar to players and protect your bed from opposing teams. Only 1 player is required to start the game but you can now play with up to 4 players. We hope you get your bed wars skills better. Good luck and have fun!

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Version 3.0:

  • Compatible with Education edition
  • Fixed floating texts

Lite Version :

  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Less floating texts
  • Trading shops are villagers
  • Only red team generators function 
  • Only red team has shops

Version 2.0:

  • Added victory counter scoreboard
  • Fixed NPC player skins
  • Cosmetics unlocked


Version 1.0:

  • You can now choose which team to fight against
  • You can play with up to 4 players now
  • Emerald generators are now functional
  • Added floating texts to the arena
  • NPC players now have projectiles
  • Added custom team armor

Supported Minecraft versions

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when i respawn i constanly get more swords and cant move
i play on education edition btw
This comment has been removed
When i got into the world evrything was slow can it be fixed or am i doing aomething wrong pls tel me
Hello, we're sorry to hear that. If you're playing on a mobile phone, the game speed can be slower than what it should be. This is because of the heavy programming of the map, it is not yet friendly for mobile devices. We'll try our best to make a lite version soon!
Hello, can you make a map for 1.20?
I'm really looking forward to you making a map for 1.20
Please reply so I don't have to wait
Hello, sorry for replying late. Currently we're using the updated version of Minecraft 1.20.1 but if you wish to get maps that are compatible with your version there's plenty you can try on our website. Most of our maps like treasure wars and Skywars were created in Minecraft 1.19
So why doesn't it work well for 1.20.12? During the game, everyone gets killed and there are other bugs. This comment is not only for this map, it is for all of your Bedwars maps.
Thank you for letting us know of this issue. Our maps were mostly made on 1.19 and we understand if they could potentially break on new versions of Minecraft. So far the only map that was made on 1.20 is practice bedwars but we'll look through the issue at hand and see what we can do