Published on October 15, 2021

Need for Puzzle

What happens, if a creator decides to make a puzzle map, but it's not cooperative?He decides to make it competitive.So welcome to my new map "Need for Puzzle", i hope you enjoy it :)Don't forget to rate and comment this map and to report bugs and issues as well ;)

This map is an unmodded puzzle map, where you have to solve 10 puzzles.

These are a mix of combination-puzzles, minecraft knowledge, parcour and mazes

But the true challange is, to finish the track before your friends do.

Some of you may have bad memories to that one :)


To compare your times i added a timer. 

You all are solving the same puzzles, so you all have the same chances.

I wish you all lots of fun and all the best

1. For some reason it isn't able to see the function of coded items, like can be placed on [...] or can destroy [...], So i added a mechanics-instruction, where you can read for example, that levers and buttons can only be placed on emerald blocks. Make sure to read all the signs.

2. In addition there is another issue: The map was previously planed for 8 players, but i had to cut 2 tracks out. Find the special secret to understand why.

3. I changed my name from "MSO Soneor" to "Zombeast N3O", so maybe you have played some of my maps :)


  • Need_for_Puzzle.mcworld (290.26 KB)

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4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
Im stuck on level six, I made levers and buttons, I saw the chest near the trap door and I have no idea to get it.
The solution is definetly not to craft levers and buttons to open any doors. Placeable buttons are only given by me. I think i left enough hints to solve this room, make sure to talk to the npc and think how you can use the armor tools in the room
The map was a lot of fun. The ideas for the puzzles were very good and well implemented. I deducted a star because the map 2-3 puzzle could use more, but that's okay and a few construction errors should be fixed.
help I can't get past level five what is the secret
WARNING: This one is a spoiler/hint:
The button only works, if you solve the puzzle on the wall. The inventory (at least on pc) has 4x9 slots. If you're playing PE. you should just count or try out. I hope that helps
Sans_Jevil_DELTARUNE&UNERTALE October 15, 2021 at 9:59 pm
can you make this 1.14 please?
I added allow and deny blocks as an important part of this map, they don't exist in 1.14, so sadly i can't do that, sry. All i can do is to make it adaptive to the 1.16 by removing the copper you can see on the photos