Published on August 01, 2021 (Updated on August 01, 2021)

The Despair in Black and White

Welcome to this cooperative 2-player map, called "The despair in black and white".I hope you enjoy it :)I'm about to call this map the difficultiest i've build until now.It includes different kinds of puzzles, that can only be solved by working together.So be sure, that a very good communication is required.Don't forget to give me some feedback ;)(Including: What was your favorite, what can i do better, report glitches, etc...)It may help me with further maps

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Changed a building mistake, that made you skip 2 puzzles



  • The_despair_in_black_and_white.mcworld (202.48 KB)

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I'm confused on how to make glowstone dust.
I'm sorry, but there is a mistake in the map, that can make you skipping 2 puzzles, i'm already reuploading
It should work now, have fun yall ^^