Nether Roadster Bonus Addon

The Nether Update is finally here. And what better way to celebrate with The Morning Company’s fastest car. The Nether Roadster combines our Tesla Roadster model with Minecraft’s new Nether look.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Please make the first generation Tesla Roadster
i cant play with it because it shows a zip file
Can you pls make it downloadable just from mcpedl not the morning company web?
oof its cool but i think it will kill minecraft on my device
Hey Elon, is this available irl?
Hey, the car does not have a windshield nor windows,it does not look good without them.
Can someone else tell me, seriously, what is the name of that stuff in your front yard? You mow it with a lawn mower.

Please, just answer the question. You'll see. Dont worry either, the word is censored for some reason and I just gave myself cancer because of this bug. So please respond with the answer. If I included it in this post, it would not appear.
That works lol. Cant type that word without the periods. Plz fix admins.
grass grass grass punch mine dig dig dig grass grass grass open wood stone stone stone dirt dirt grass grass grass

(google element animation april fools)
Could you make it not go sideways

Can you made bmw z3 2.8 1999 roadster?
it just crash my Minecraft when i move the car
Dude make Tesla Model s was a Nether roadster
Now thats one HELL of a design choice!
i agree :)