Tesla Model X Addon

This add-on introduces the Tesla Model X to Minecraft. This car packs everything, from functionality to beauty. You can see this addon in greater detail in our video. More colors were added in this update! 

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Updated the Model X to be in line with the official 2021 update.


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UsernameShouldBeSomethingUnique February 23, 2022 at 3:13 pm
i cant install because mcpedl wont allow me to get to the page
click continue
How do i install i did skip ad and allow and it took me website and i downloaded it it shows zip not media fire Pliz tell me what do i do when i got zip
Can you make it xbox proof so a behaver pack and resource pack plz
Just cuz you can’t afford anything doesn’t mean you have to hate it dummy
I like the add-on but i just cant get it why you so rude
Instead of a Zip file can it be a mcPack file plz
Are all of your teslas compatible with eachother?
This is a day ahead in the future
Its all the same just different headlights
Look closer next time