Published on August 14, 2021 (Updated on August 13, 2021)

New Minecraft Recipes [v1.0.1]

Craft almost everything you can imagine with the new recipes that this Add-on includes. This Add-on is still in progress, new recipes and features will be coming soon! Enjoy it!!! :D


"New Minecraft Recipes" Add-on adds 37 new recipes and one new item to your Minecraft World (on its current version). Craft elytras, tridents, more blocks, items and more!


---> NEW ITEMS <---

• Stick of the Sea:

You can find this item in Buried Treasures, use it to craft a Trident.


---> NEW RECIPES <---

• Gilded Blackstone:

x1 Gold Ingot
x4 Blackstone

• Bottle o' Enchanting:

x8 Glass Bottle
x1 Lapis Block

• Chainmail Armor:

Use chains and the classic patterns to craft a Minecraft armor.

• Elytra: 

x2 Phantom Membrane
x1 String
x4 Popped Chorus Fruit

• Horse Armors: 

Use one leather horse armor and six iron ingots, gold ingots or diamonds.

• Saddle:

x4 Leather
x2 Lead
x2 Iron Nugget

• Totem of Undying:

x2 Emerald Block
x2 Gold Block

• Trident:

x3 Prismarine Shard
x2 Stick of the Sea

• Amethyst Shards (From Block):

x1 Amethyst Block

• Blaze Rod:

x2 Blaze Powder

• Bell:

x5 Gold Ingot
x3 Stick
x1 Gold Nugget

• Name Tag:

x1 String
x2 Iron Ingot
x2 Paper
x2 Leather

• Azaleas:

Use oak logs and azalea leaves or flowered azalea leaves.

• Saplings:

Use an oak log, spruce log, birch log, jungle log, acacia log or a dark oak log and their respective leaves.

• Bee Nest:

x1 Honeycomb Block
x4 Honeycomb

• Budding Amethyst:

x1 Amethyst Block
x4 Amethyst Shard
x4 Amethyst Cluster

• Cobweb:

x9 String

• Enchanted Golden Apple:

x8 Gold Block
x1 Golden Apple

• Gravel:

x1 Sand
x1 Flint

• Mycelium:

x1 Dirt
x1 Brown Mushroom
x1 Red Mushroom

• Red Sand: 

x1 Red Dye
x4 Sand

• Nether Nyliums:

Use netherrack and crimson roots or warped roots.

• Nether Vines:

Use a vine and four crimson roots or warped roots.

• Leather:

Cook Rotten Flesh in a furnace, smoker or campfire.


---> IMPORTANT <---


You can leave your suggestions or your opinions about this Add-on on my Twitter (@FroostKp) or here in the comments section.

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Uma dica coloca o craft do ovos
Pretty good addon. I don’t see a reason to want to craft chain armor with chains, since chains cost and iron ingots, so the chain armor is more expinsive… otherwise good addon