Published on December 31, 2021 (Updated on January 27, 2022)

New Music Pack

Are you bored with common minecraft music? If so, with my new texturepack, you can listen to new cool,usefull,songs in Minecraft. Download now and enjoy new music without changing textures.

Note basic textures. This texture pack only changes the music of the discs, not the textures of the blocks.

As shown in the photos, the textures of blocks and disc are not changed.

Music Disc List:

Disc List:
item.record_11.desc=Horror SCP 049
item.record_13.desc=Never Gonna Give You Up
item.record_blocks.desc=Mario 8-Bit
item.record_cat.desc=Nyan Cat
item.record_chirp.desc=Hentai Bitch
item.record_far.desc=Wii - Shop Channel Music
item.record_mall.desc=Mall - Mario Kart Wii
item.record_mellohi.desc=All Time Low
item.record_stal.desc=The Passenger
item.record_strad.desc=Love Is War
item.record_wait.desc=Elevator Music
item.record_ward.desc=Redcon OST: In Command



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Removed link to discord. You can join from YT wideo.


For android automatic.For Windows and Xbox Manually.



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Can you please make a download with MediaFire because linkvertise doesn’t work on Consol platforms anymore
Linkvertise works fine on Xbox
well unfortunately it takes me to the about blank page after I finish the linkvertise process and I don´t know why.
Doki doki literature club ost pls and captain underpants theme song
Yeah and the among us drip soundtrack!
Damnnn bro u rickrolled me in the most awesome way well done