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Hi. Do you like Undertale? Do you like undertale charactee? Well, then this addon is for you. I made this addon because I don't know, I guess I just made it. This addon is weak. It cannot even beat Wither, but I hope you still enjoy this addon. :D

My addon entities:

  • Sans
  • Bone
  • Blue bone
  • Gaster blaster
  • Boneshoot

So if you hate sans addon welp please just go find another addon YOU like


This is sans And yes if you already know what sans is just keep scrolling down but if dont know then read this. Sans is a weakest character in undertale and a lazy bone head 

But if you go through Genocide route in end you will fight sans the skeleton and yes sans will have a megalovania song playing when sans is fighting

Gaster blaster

These Gaster blaster Are not realy that strong but it is cool and sorry i do not know how to make beam ray but atleast it has sound effects

Bone shoot

Bone shoot is like a bone for sans to shoot and is very strong but the bone shoot cant damaged Wither sorry and yes the bone shoot model is no cube

Bone lurk


This is bone lurk a bone from ground to up this damaged is very high and there a blue bone too

In game The blue bone was supposed to make player damaged when moving but i cant add that abilities right now 

Oh yeah if you wanna see all model in this addon here

Okay I know what your thinking you think i stole someone gaster blaster But i did not 100%

Okay if you still dont believe it Replicate My Gaster Blaster model to Someone gaster blaster model

Wd Gaster

Wd Gaster is a myterious man who created sans and papyrus but Wd Gaster is trapped in the void and is a secret character in Undertale

Gaster Hands

Gaster hands are the hands from Wd Gaster but Wd Gaster use the hands as the Gaster Blaster

Thats shoots explosive beam 

Gaster Bones

This is WdGaster Bones just like sans but more stronger than ever and black and tall

And now time to show all my models in Wd Gaster Addon

Select version for changelog:


I added a new Mob wd gaster and updated Sans addon 

Sans update abilities 

New miss

animation to Gb

Added link Gaster addon


I really hope you enjoy this addon 

And please showcase this addon

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4.5 / 5 (8 votes)
Littletalepapyrus April 03, 2021 at 1:22 pm
its dad and brother! they look so cool!
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Chinchilla Overlord March 07, 2021 at 11:06 am
Sans addon are overplayed song now, but I like the bone models.
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Update your gb model and ad render controllers
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awh come on really? another sans addon?
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