Published on September 04, 2020 (Updated on February 06, 2022)

More Wandering Traders

Today I bring you a new update of this addon and I hope you like it and enjoy it to the fullest, we will see each other again in a new update of this addon, do not forget to activate the experimental games

This new update brings new things these are

  1. New wandering trader 1
  2. New wandering trader 2
  3. New wandering trader 3
  4. New wandering trader 4
  5. New wandering trader 5
  6. New wandering trader 6
  7. New wandering trader 7
  8. New models
  9. New death animation
  10. New walk animation
  11. New static animation
  12. New attack animation
  13. New sleep animation

Wandering trader 1

Wandering trader 2

Wandering trader 3

Wandering trader 4

Wandering trader 5

Wandering trader 6

Wandering trader 7




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  • New wandering trader 1
  • New wandering trader 2
  • New wandering trader 3
  • New wandering trader 4
  • New wandering trader 5
  • New wandering trader 6
  • New wandering trader 7
  • New models
  • New animation death
  • New sleep animation
  • New static animation
  • New walk animation


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Thanks For Making This Addon,i Can Make My Empire Now!
can i use this for my map
Why don't you go test it? :)
Why don't you go test it?
I do not want to waste time.
Also, how difficult is it to say what the add-on will be?
BRUH, It seems that they speak a different language so why are you criticizing them for it?
And what do they do or what do they sell?
Or are they just the same trades but with another skin?
just because they forgot a detail doesn't mean the addon shouldn't be played with. thats like giving a bad review to a restruant because there was a speck of dirt on the window.
you can do all that AFTER you actually try the mod.