Published on April 25, 2021 (Updated on April 28, 2021)

NFPE Shaders

NFPE Shaders

This shaders coded by OSBES/GitHub

These shaders are shaders that support texture pbr, What is texture pbr ?, "Physically Based Rendering", in short pbr is a texture devoted to enjoying great graphics, and beautiful colors.

This shader is not compatible with currently existing custom texture packs or addons adding new block textures!.

Shaders is still in the testing phase, if you can find a bug, please help to report it in the github osbes page GitHub!..

A tweaked version of the Vanilla Normals Renewed texturepack by Poudingue is being used for preview versions.

It doesn't support Minecraft Windows 10!.

Features of this shaders:

  •   Better Sunset

  •   Better Sun and, Moon

  •   Better Icon Armor and, Weapons

  •   Better Armor and, Weapons

  •   Better Animal Pig

  •   Better Font Text in Minecraft

  •   Advanced Lighting

  •   PBR Texture Support

  •   Reflections on Water & Metals

  •   Weather Effect

  •   Wind Effect

  •   Better Clouds

  •   Better Quality to Lag Ratio


Select version for changelog:


Release Version 2.0v!!..

Add Photos on NFPE Screenshot (in post)

Added Warning (in post)

• Changed Photo Permission (in post)

Added Armor HUD Features (in shaders)



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Neither the download link nor the shaders pack contains a virus!, even if there is a virus, this shaders pack will not be accepted on MCPEDL!!..
I've got 6.9 gb of ram left would this still work?
Mmm, can you just remove the texture of the pbr? kaeena the texture of the pbr is buggy and I'm very disappointed. even though these shaders have reflection blocks, so please just delete the pbr texture😭😭😭😭😭
My device is iPad Pro 2021 and sadly does not work
Does not work on my device 😭😭
It looked so good
The netherite looks like from toxteers nethrerite lol
Best shader in my opinion, but can you update the shader to 1.17? Some of the new items' textures are
HMMMM ........ interesting🤔
This is the best shader for my device work best with lag but it's have only one problem that the keyboard delay to open and not on it proper place if u fixes this bug then I can play happy Please fix I will wait for you friend 🥺
Sorry without lag
So I know this isn’t your pack, but do you think you could fix a bug I have found, as well as add a feature?

When you move around underwater, the waving effect speeds up drastically. It is very disorienting to look at and looks very jerky. I assume this is a bug. The feature I would love to see added to this pack that would make it perfect is blue lighting while underwater.

Other than that this pack looks stunning, again, since it’s not your pack, I’m giving this 4 stars, but if you had made this I would give it a hundred stars if I could.
Please make support mincraft windows 10
Hope it works for xbox.
It didn't :(
minecrafter12321 May 07, 2021 at 2:03 pm
can fix pls
it doesnt work :(((((((((((
the nearest thing i can get to optifine yay
You could've just use your textures in the pack, the shaders does little to no good or no changes. Either make it recommended in your pack or change the code of the shaders.
Thank you for the advice:D..