Published on September 28, 2021 (Updated on November 06, 2021)

Night Of The Clown (Horror)

What was that?!?! Sounded like crazy maniac laughter? That was the clowns. They're coming. Lots of them are coming. Right now. For you. They really want to meet you.      

The darkest Minecraft night, the night of the new moon, is now the Night of the Clown.

On the night of the new moon:

...the clowns will (probably) appear. You'll know they're close when you hear crazy laughter. Best advice is to get inside, get to bed, try not to dream. For the more adventurous, get ready for a night like no other. Clowns will gradually start to drop from the sky, and they'll be on you, fast

Can you survive?

Types of Clowns

  1. Melee clowns. The worst sort, they'll find you and chase you. They can open doors.
  2. Ranged clowns. They'll throw pies at you. These pies hurt. They'll run if you get too close.

You can shoot the clowns if you like, but some of them have a very special power that will teleport you to their location, if they get hit. 

The clowns drop all sorts of dye, and rarely, an awesome netherite item.

They like chasing players the best, but they're not fussy, they'll attack most mobs. 

Once the night is over, the clowns will start to despawn.

This is survival-friendly. You can add it to your world and nothing changes, except on 'Clown Night'; which you can skip if you're not ready - simply by sleeping.

Pro tip (maybe a sort of cheat, you can decide); the voodoo doll from our Hurt Me Plenty addon has been known to keep back some of these dreaded clowns.

Many thanks to Nanakisan for the awesome clown laughs:

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A number of minor adjustments, more clowns ignore the voodoo doll, slightly fewer netherite drops, etc.




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could u add a subpack that allows the clowns to spawn every night instead of just during the new moon? also more detailed textures would be nice
the original spawning will still be a separate subpack