Published on January 20, 2020 (Updated on September 15, 2020)

BIG Cats Add-On

STAY BACK!!! They're vicious, vicious beasts. Worse even than rabbits and butterflies. Oh, much worse than butterflies. One of these lions will take your head clean off, what's a butterfly going to do?? Land on you? Oh... You mean the Murderous Ice Butterflies of the Arctic Circle? That's not a fair comparison - they don't even exist!!! But would be a cool (ha!) addon.

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Bugfix to make the Tiger attack things! Thanks very much to odarmamx and tigercup1 (you gotta stop calling me 'sir' lol) for pointing it out. Also added in the new(ish) despawn tag to all big cats. Fixed the baby heads too, so they're bigger than normal. Cuuuuuuuute.


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can I showcase this on my YT channel?
try adding more cats like snow leopards cougars blah blah blah.or u could just ignore me.
Amazing and much needed update, you are the best bro ??
Hey mno, can you make the big cats change their texture to the tiger addon to match them, its because the tiger addon looks like a cat or ocelot, make this texture then.
The Add ons is decent. The models and behaviors are pretty good but I have some things that really are needed to use this anywhere but creative. They don’t drop xp or loot. I’m also pretty sure taming had some issues, but I don’t think so.
Guest-6796201424 May 13, 2020 at 5:21 pm
it seems that I cant download this add on, says theres a duplicate but I never added it to my Minecraft yet. I do have the correct version.
Nice add-on the models are great and they make some scary noises, Just like in real life but why do only jaguars get to attack other cats
Very well made add-on these are some cute feline friends I would like to see
Liger, snow leopard, normal jaguars , sea lion (is that even possible?), Chubby cat(I am running out of ideas) and mountain lion
That's all I have for today thanks for the super cool addon
Why don't tigers attack
You are my favorite creator but do all the kitties have the same stats? or is it just me
Nice add-on it's one of my favorite but why is the cheetah bigger than the leopard that's it I Know it doesn't matter but it would be cooler if it was a bit more realistic
It says I have a "duplicate pack" detected,fix this bloody issue for computer.
“Duplicate pack”thats what is says please fix.
White lions?
PLEASE!!!!! ad snow Leopards their my fav animals it would be a dream coming true :)
My favourite animal too and no addon adds them