Published on January 11, 2021 (Updated on July 04, 2022)

Dragon Add-On

Dragons! Everybody needs a pet dragon (or two) but you'll have to be brave and lucky! Mostly lucky I think. We have several types of dragons and a few unique dragon soldiers and wizards.

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Many minor changes and bugfixes, including:

  • Increased loot in day camp
  • The day archers will occasionally set you on fire with their arrows
  • Made the hidden barrel under the night soldiers spawn closer to the surface
  • Reduced the Executioner attack damage slightly
  • Reduced the night archer damage and slowed their arrows down (they were very hard to see)
  • Changed the spawn biome for the Velox to Jagged Peaks (the original spawn biome has been removed / changed and no longer worked).
  • Changed the spawn biome for the Fire Dragon to Mangrove Swamp (the original spawn biome has been removed / changed and no longer worked).
  • Fixed the names for the Day and Night trophies.

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Can you guys add a drake?
when is it gonna be updated for 1.20.50?
A very good mod, until they destroyed my village !
Their camp with tent, fire, barel and anvil just apear in the middle of one of my building (just the one with my item sorting machin :-( ), destroying it and the surrounding environment.
I do nothing, didn't attack their scout but thei where really hostil... I killed them all...
and about 10 mn after that a new camp appear in my mine, under the ground, destroying all my rail road, stairs and ground...
It seems that the camp can spawn without reason about everywhere, including underground.
I had to reload my map and uninstall the mod.
a little desapointing...
Is it possible to make the noise of the fast dragon less high pitched or at least less frequent? It's really annoying.
This is AMAZING! The velox dragon is so adorable! I would totally recommend this!
The plugin is amazing, the only thing you have to add is that dragons could throw fire (if you want :) )
I love this addon. Could you maybe make the dragons a little faster, as they go slowly. Therer could be more armors, like diamond dragon armor? And maybe like a day dragon since theres a night dragon? Other than that this addon is the best dragons addon!
This addon is really good! Taming the dragons is a lot of fun, and its nice to earn them.
Can you make a version without the illagers, just the dragons? this addon is beautiful but my kids and I cant handle the illager spawns. we encountered a bug where the dragon hunters kept spawning wave after wave but that aside the dragons were beautifully done and taming them was fun. So would it be possible to create a dragon only version? Thanks.
This mod is horribly broken!!! Once killed a scout and the RIDICULOUSLY overpowered group that spawns with the crowned illager that destroys any and every block in his path and got my dragon an entire party of illager dragon hunters spawned with their camp INSIDE my city instantly destroying every block where their camp was placed. But not one party, two spawned at the same time side by side with two crowned illagers bulldozing my entire city destroying every block they ran through!!

What the actual heck?? Why not just put the dragons in the game? No way over powered illager nonesense?
i love your creations but your videos are umm.. well most videos ive seen it takes 3 to 7 minutes before you even show the item the video is about. you and your son are adorable but the videos could really be edited down to be a bit better. please dont consider this trolling, its honest constructive critisism.
Nice addon! Here’s some suggestions: nerf the dragon hunters because they have LOTS of health and they can be very op. Nerf their health down to 30 or 20. Also, I cant put a saddle on any of the dragons. Please fix this in the next update.