Published on June 27, 2020 (Updated on July 07, 2020)

Spinosaurus Add-On

Time to set your watch back 100 million years and deal with one of the baddest dinosaurs to walk the earth. The Spinosaurus. Oh boy, the gloves are off! And probably eaten, along with the rest of you!

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Minor change to increase knockback resistance (of which they had none, oops, they were way too easy). The bigger they spawn the more resistance they'll have.


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stop whining about the textures and model. this is a modification for minecraft. it is not meant to be realistic.
Awesome addon but keep up the good work and make other Addons good
why does everyone hate this dinosaur??? This dinosaur is my favorite! stop haters!
I can't wait to see how ugly you make allosaurus
Good but can it be more realistic?
DUDE MAKE YOUR ADDONS MORE REALISTIC!!! I wonder how ugly you’ll make a baryonyx..
But I still love spinosaurus
Oh my lord have you seen a spino before, they have eyes at the side of their head and their nostrils are higher up the snout
I'm just saying, no one in the history of mankind has seen a living spinosaurus.
But besides the obvious issues, this is a pretty good addon
This is awesome there should be some more animations and this would be spectacular .It's best part is that it keeps Minecraft graphics doesn't put any gta like graphics awesome keep up the good work make it fight with other dinosaurs made by you. Thank you
can you uhm make a spawn egg or make it sop u can summon it with command it takes forever to find
nvm i didnt look before i commented
Fix the eyes

All the dinosaurs eyes
Good add-on bro, don't listen to the hate
omg this mod adds 50 new dinosaur mobs to minecraft!!! install this NOW so you can have 50 dinosaurs on your minecraft world!!!
can the dinosaurs fart????? i want to be able to smell dinosahrs fart and then fart on their nose
Would you guys shut up about the hate?
If you payed more attention to the most recent research paper on spinosaurus, you would know they DID NOT look like this. The other spinosaurs in every single dinosaur addon were based specifically off JP///, this looks like an illustration in a kid’s picture book. You have tried your best and I admire you for that, however.
you know nothing about dinosaurs. this discovery is fabricated.
You wanna bet?
For the next Dinosuar add-on can it be an Allosaurus?
Very cool addon I love the Dino’s but may you please add more Dino’s please like a t-Rex or raptors
I agree I would like more dinos
I agree
Well..... Ok, just this once. ?