Published on March 24, 2021 (Updated on March 31, 2021)

No Fire Resource Pack

A few weeks ago I made a resource pack called 'Low Fire" it basically just lowered the fire so it doesn't take like half your screen, but this time there's literally no fire it just vanished lol

So basically here's what the vanilla fire looks like without the pack :

As you can see the fire is taking half of the screen and it's annoying and I can barely even see anything

And here is what it looks like with the pack

Yeah, the fire just vanished out of the world! You can also watch my video here :

and here is what before and after looks like too in one image

This pack will works in 1.16++

I'm pretty it also works for Win10, Xbox etc but all I know is that I tested this on mcpe

Select version for changelog:


Added a more higher quality image in the description k


How to Download?

1. Click on the Link above,

2. Change the zip file to mcpack by renaming it from "No" to "No Fire.mcpack" (it's a zip file because mediafire doesn't support mcpack file)

3. Extract the file to "games" then "com.mojang" then "development_resource_packs", extract

4. Open Minecraft and it should be at your "Global Resources"


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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This download broke my whole computer and gave me a virus warning :(
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Everyone, laugh at this kid
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No fire? How will I stay warm? LOL
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