Published on February 23, 2021 (Updated on February 23, 2021)

No Pumpkin Blur

You want to go to The End, and use a pumpkin so that the Endermans won't attack you, but you're tired that you can't even see anything?

With this resource pack, Pumpkin Blur doesn't even exist! This works for Minecraft 1.16+

Useful for fighting the Ender dragon.

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Deleted one of the images, and changed it with another



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Doest work on the latest minecraft version
The texture works, but for some reason it also changes the sound effects and some textures to ones that resemble the game Fortnite, changing potions and chest opening sounds.
Can I use this pack for my minecraft map? I’ll give you credit.
I don't think you can use texture packs on realm, but I'm pretty sure the owner of the realm can.
This does not work. I'm on windows 10 my minecraft version is 16.201
maybe try to search a tutorial on youtube
I can't give this a rating. It's a good concept that i like. BUT i can't download it because you decided to make it hard for the users. change it from a zip, i followed the instructions but it doesn't give me the option to extract it into the game.
Scratch that I got it to work but it was still a bother to download