Not So Big Nautilus Addon (All Known Bugs Fixed)

This addon is aimed to add simple, but not so boring nautiluses to the game. Now, it features 2 extant nautilus species, the chambered nautilus and the 'fuzzy nautilus'. It also has some additional, experiment-like animals. 

Chambered nautilus

  • They are the most common variants
  • Spawns in coral reefs (warm ocean) in small groups
  • Has 20 health and 2 damage points
  • Drops a nautilus shell
  • Has an unexplainable hatred towards tropical fish
  • Has baby variant
  • Breedable with rabbit's foot

'Fuzzy' nautilus

  • Acts like chambered nautilus
  • Drops slime balls apart from regular loot (because of the algae covering their shells)
  • 9 times rarer than chambered nautilus


Fuzzy nautilus with tracker on its back ('fuzzy_nautilus_with_torch')

  • Acts as an average fuzzy nautilus, except for the loot and lack of baby variant
  • Drops a nautilus shell and a few slime balls and redstone
  • Is the rarest spawning variant
  • (Was a test nautilus)





  • Does not spawn, to create, name a nautilus 'Ammonites'
  • Has bigger size, more health points and more damage than chambered nautilus
  • Not breedable and does not have baby variant
  • (Is not a nautilus)



  • Is the predecessor of the Ammonites entity, most files are the same
  • Appears when naming a nautilus 'Peter Ward'
  • Deals more damage than Ammonites, but has less health points
  • Has a 60 seconds long regeneration effect
  • (Was a test nautilus)


Other Images:

Spawn Egg

Chambered nautilus baby


Turn on Holiday Creator Features!

  • Ammoniteses can be summoned with the following commands:


Upcoming features:

  • Nautilus meat (yes, they are edible)
  • New nautilus types

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Por fin encontre lo que buscaba excelente complemento, puede agregar un Ortocono
I would like it if we could put them in a Bucket to transport them more easily. I think that would be a useful addition.
Can you make a Code Lyoko Addon ? (Just monsters and vehicles and if you want you can do all) Because i am searching for one but sadly nothing found.
If you have any addon suggestions please write them in the comments section
Code Lyoko Addon pls
I think you should make an addon that adds many animals👍. Btw your textures and models are great!
Im searching for a Code Lyoko Addon without experimental gameplay.
Did you found one ?
Oh and your addon is really cool !