Splendid Conversions - Not So Few Recipes

This addon adds all kinds of recipes, crafting recipes, smelting and blasting recipes and even some stone cutter recipes. The blast furnace recipes include raw ore block recipes to make the mining process faster. The crafting recipes include Saddle, Horse Armor, Name Tag, Enchanted Golden Apple, Chainmail Armor, Music Disc, Elytra, Totem of Undying and Bottle 'o Enchanting recipes. There are also recipes to salvage common materials (for instance Leather Armor, Treasure Maps, Diamond equipment). Honestly, there are a lot of recipes.

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  • Tried to fix Mcpedl image bugs
  • At least they all show now


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Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload this module to Netease My World?
It's a great addon, is compatible with another addons and works perfectly. 5
Thanks. I'm happy to be of service