Published on September 03, 2020 (Updated on September 03, 2020)

Oak Tree but it's 16x BIGGER

This is our (my) first World Map on MCPEDL!! It looks like a normal oak tree but, it’s 16X BIGGER! There is also a Village with ravine near the tree. You can use the big oak tree as Tree house 


World Name: 16x Bigger Oak Tree

Owner: Rahee [DotCraft Bangladesh 🇧🇩]

Download size: Less than 1 MB

Package type: World

System requirements: N/A

Supported Game Version: 1.16.20+ (Older versions can't access the world)

Compatible platforms: Android, iOS, Win10


(sorry for that messenger chat head) 😅

Packs used for Screenshots:

ESTN by Eldeston ↗(Version 1.6.0) 

Saturation Pack Shader by FloBoi ↗


E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook (fast response):

NEW  Discord Server: (Join to learn about texture packs)

You can:
> Play in this world
> Invite your friends in this world
> Make review videos (include link to this page in video description)

You CAN'T:

> Claim this world as yours

> Modify this map and redistribute on other websites

> Give others direct download link


How to skip ads and download

1. Confirm CAPTCHA

2. Click "Click here to continue" (blue button)

3. Wait for 20 seconds

4. Click "Get Link" (green button)

5. If Ad appears again click the x button (top right corner) 

6. Download MCWORLD or ZIP (Both are same, just different installation method)

How to import

Android ↗

iOS ↗

Windows 10 ↗

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

As being new to mcpedl o tried to find some Indian creators but when I saw yours I was like NOTHING IS BETTER THAN THIS nice things keep it up