Published on September 03, 2020 (Updated on September 03, 2020)

Oak Tree but it's 16x BIGGER

This is our (my) first World Map on MCPEDL!! It looks like a normal oak tree but, it’s 16X BIGGER! There is also a Village with ravine near the tree. You can use the big oak tree as Tree house 


World Name: 16x Bigger Oak Tree

Owner: Rahee [DotCraft Bangladesh 🇧🇩]

Download size: Less than 1 MB

Package type: World

System requirements: N/A

Supported Game Version: 1.16.20+ (Older versions can't access the world)

Compatible platforms: Android, iOS, Win10


Supported Minecraft versions

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As being new to mcpedl o tried to find some Indian creators but when I saw yours I was like NOTHING IS BETTER THAN THIS nice things keep it up