Old Birch Tree Forest Cobblestone Base (1.19): Village Settlement Update

My old world that I had been playing since last year, now updated with 1.19 content that I will share with fellow players. The world is made completely in survival with no cheats activated, so anyone can freely gain achievements.

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- Added Village Settlement

- Improved Bridges

- Netherite Tools, Weapons, and Armor  

- Railway to the Nearest Village (Currently Abandoned)


  • Legit_Minecraft_Village_2.zip (63.4 MB)
  • Cobblestone Base (V2) - Villagers (40.44 MB)

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Hello, it's me again, I also wanted to say keep up the great work and keep on making maps for everyone to play. And have fun doing it.
It's really amazing, I like it.
Well, even with the update, it seems nobody cares about my map...
Hello, my name is Chris and I love this map because it's a good starter base for anyone who wants to start a brand new survival world by themselves or with other people. And I really care about your maps that you make, so don't put yourself down and assume that no one cares about them. Cause really everyone will soon find out that your maps are worth playing.