Old Fashion Spleef

In this map you have to break the snow from under other opposing players feet to make them fall in the void. The last man standing wins and this game can be played with many people at once. There is also a spectate for those who have lost or just joined the game. There is a big thing in this game is something that brings a whole new form of gameplay to life. That thing is the introduction of fishing rods into the arena. Say goodbye to people camping in corners because there’s no where to run now. Enjoy the fun yanking fellow opponents into holes left and right but it does take a little thought behind how you will do it.If you liked this map you should subscribe to my youtube channel and join my discord server, I make maps, tutorials, and more! 

Inside spectate 






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- Fixed the glitch where afk players that did not go into the game would be considered as part of the current one
- Fixed a big glitch where you would not be able to get the items needed to play
- gave a 2 second delay to when the game ends so people can’t start the game as everyone is teleported to the lobby


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