One Block Map 2.1

One Block is voidgame like skyblock but there is only 1 block to survive, this block if destroyed will appear new block with certain rarity (According to Tier) to increase tier you can destroy certain number of blocks. Have a nice play!

How To Play

First you will respawn on the chest and in the chest there are items that are useful for the beginning of the game, to start the game destroy the chest and it will automatically be replaced with another block continuously 


Upgrade Tier

To increase tier you have to destroy blocks, every block you need will get 1 point.

Tier I » Tier II = 250 Points

Tier II » Tier III = 600 Points

Tier III » Tier IV = 1100 Points

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• Tier upgrade fix

• Block chance 1.1% » 1.2%

• Bug Fixes


• Link Mediafire

• McWorld

• Zip

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4.4 / 5 (5 votes)
Add a way to beat Minecraft please.

Necesito su ayuda, llevo mas de 2000 bloques y me sigue saliendo tierra, arcilla, calabazas y animales. ¿Es normal?

Aparte de no salir al principio un cofre

Porfas ayuda, me gustó este mapa pero asi no avanzó mucho
Nice map, though tier system takes a loooong time to progress. (For my attention span)
Side note:
You need to update info + pictures on this page btw.
Maybe include spawn, and the ender portal at the end. Haven't found any chests. Mob spawning is a cool as well.
Finally got to tier 4, and it broke, map is unfinished. Oh well
It's almost Same like the others. But this is more interesting
Nice its just like the other game that i used to
Absolutely not luckyboi August 22, 2021 at 10:17 am
Could you please repair download limk for version 1.1? Because you probably deleted file.