Published on July 16, 2021 (Updated on July 22, 2021)

One Block

You may have heard or already played the famous one-block map, where you will have to build your own island and go advancing, this is a map in the same style but a little simpler, where there are varis chests scattered around.

You've certainly heard of a block map, where several youtubers recorded it, this is a simple map based on the same style as the other maps but a little more intense, a simple but fun map for those who like it. Your objective is to create your own world in an empty place, we have 9 chests, 1 in each block, but you will have to find a way to get to them and get the items, each chest has some item that can help you, in the beginning you will start with:

 1 block of grass 

15 blocks of earth

 1 block of ice

 1 bucket of lava 

1 tree seedling

 7 buns 

3 seeds

 1 bone 

3 coals 

be careful as a single mistake can be fatal.

If you want to discover the items in the other chests, download and enjoy.


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