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Published on March 18, 2021 (Updated on March 18, 2021)

One Player Sleep V1.0 (Works With All Mods)

Doesn't it suck when your friends are 3 million blocks away from their beds and your the only one able to sleep? You would just get a one player sleep mod but they aren't compatible with other mods you want so you suffer through the night fighting off phantoms for what feels like forever. Now you don't have to anymore!


Please make sure to enable the following settings for the world(s) which you apply this addon.

The Advanced Bed

With the advanced bed you can sleep through the night only requiring one player to do so for the whole world. You simply place the bed down and when night comes you can Crouch + Interact with it to start skipping the night it will continue to skip until its morning time. Here is an example:

The Advanced Bed Crafting Recipe

The wool can be any color at all even mixed together!

How to Break The Advanced Bed

You can break the advanced bed by Crouching + Attacking it will then break and give you the item back! Here is an example:

Thank You All So Much For Reading And Downloading My Add-On! If You Discover Any Bugs, Etc Feel Free To Contact Me Via Twitter



  1. Click the download Add-On link
  2. Scroll down and select Free Access
  3.  Follow the steps to unlock the download
  4. Click the file you downloaded and it will open Minecraft and Install!

Supported Minecraft versions

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can you fix the download? it wont work for me?
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This is Really cool make more
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THANK YOU! I really needed this! My brother would be mining and i would have to try and farm while fighting hordes of skeletonS!
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