Published on July 24, 2021 (Updated on June 08, 2023)

Vein-Miner and Tree Capitator Addon (1.20 Support)

Introducing the Ore Vein Mining Addon! Prepare to embark on an exciting new mining adventure in your favorite survival game. With this innovative addon, mining ores has never been more efficient and engaging.

Gone are the days of tediously breaking block after block to collect ores. Now, with a simple press of the sneak button (usually left shift by default), you can unlock the incredible power of vein mining. Imagine the thrill of mining an entire vein of valuable resources with just a single swing of your pickaxe!

As you explore deep caverns and vast mineshafts, keep an eye out for tantalizing ore veins. Whether it's a shimmering gold vein or a rich deposit of diamond, a world of untapped riches awaits you. Once you spot a vein, simply sneak and strike any block within it, and watch as the entire vein collapses before your eyes, yielding an abundance of precious ores.

So, fellow miners, get ready to experience the thrill of vein mining in a survival-friendly way. Upgrade your mining techniques, maximize your resource gathering, and embark on a thrilling adventure like never before. Install the Ore Vein Mining Addon now, and let the ores flow freely as you unearth their hidden bounty!


UPDATE : 1.20 Trails and Tales Update support added and New wood Cherry Log added to tree capitator.

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  • Added New wood blocks mangrove wood and cherry tree wood to tree capitator.
  • Added support for 1.20 trails and tales update
  • Updated the Title and added description and images.
  • Updated the featured image
  • Updated the download links


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will it work on 1.20.12?
Minecraft 1.20
cutting trees work, but doesn't whit the minerals
Choi Minecraft Survival July 15, 2023 at 5:00 am
Nó ko mất độ bền mong bạn sửa lại
Nó rất tuyệt
Choi Minecraft Survival July 15, 2023 at 4:47 am
Bạn có thể cập nhật 1.20.10.ko
Nó có hoạt động trong server ko thanks
Can you make a setting where you can mine everything except woods?
Hello, there is a problem. Sometimes, if you cut a log while standing, and then after a while squat down, it will break by itself. This caused all the walls in my house to break. Can you fix it?
I cant download the mod. whenever I try it takes me to linkverse where i have to undergo an infinite verification process and I cant do anything to get to the actually mod pack link
Everything works great!Thank you so much!I've tried a lot of "tree capitator" mods and most of them either don't work on 1.20 or don't work correctly. I'm very lucky to have come across your mod, thank you!
There is one more wish. It would be nice to be able to enable "trees only" in the settings
Thankyou for your response. I am glad that you liked the addon. I will surely add "Trees Only" in the upcoming update.
It works in 1.19.63 :)
This comment has been removed
Hello! Mod works really well!! Actions are fast.
Is It possible you can add a setting to allow/disallow tree leaves to come down along with the trunks of all trees? Pocket Edition 1.19.60
Thank you!
It's not working
Direct link (no need to download anything like OP forces us to -_-
I have another pack that uses player.json and using that one breaks this one. Is there a way to fix that or like combine them or something?