One Player Sleep!

Tired of waiting for your friends to find a bed??? No more waiting! Introducing 1 Player Sleep for Minecraft Bedrock. This back works great for 1 player sleep on multiplayer Minecraft Bedrock Worlds

Typically for my multiplayer Minecraft World's, I have had to set up a bunch of command blocks to set up 1 player sleep. Fortunately with this pack, all you have to do is install and you can sleep without anyone else sleeping on the server. When you sleep, time speeds up and then the bed kicks you out in the morning like normal! 

Just install the add-on and make sure you sleep standing on top of your bed. Again: Time will only speed up if you are standing on top of your bed!

It is pretty self explanatory and for good measure to remind you of where you are suppose to sleep, when you are close to a bed, a pop-up message appears reminding you to sleep on top of your bed.?nbsp;

This pack will work for servers, realms, and mutliplayer worlds. Sleep tight!!!


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  • Now works with 1.18. Works on worlds and realms. 
  • Tested and works in 1.18.2


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realms support?
You're addons are so helpful, thank you so much for making them and giving them free 😭😭
does this work in 1.18.2?
Yeah, It's in the Changelog.
Super useful because I play with friends a lot and often one of us forgets to bring a bed.
Why can’t u put all your addons from your other website to mcpedl???
Maybe technical reasons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯