Onyx Ore Add-on V1

Do you like Onyx? Then this addon is for you! Onyx is a unique ore and one of the beautiful gemstones ever, in this addon you can craft Onyx Sword. Onyx Enchanted Apple and Onyx Block! The Onyx Ore appears on layer 1-15 coordinates Position Y (0,15), but it is most abundant on layer 12. but check your sorroundings because lava appears between layers 4-10. 

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Wow I’m a big fan of crystals and rare things like gold thanks!
This ore sounds similar to the one in my polks addon...
I would really like it f you put the BP and RP into 1 file it would be a lot easier
Havent even downloaded it yet and it look awesome. Detailed imagery.?
i already added a zip file, try it if you want.