Published on December 22, 2021 (Updated on December 28, 2021)

Big Chungus Boss Battle (Master Oogway, Music + more!)

This addon is the glorious culmination of Big chungus and Master Oogway. It does not add in hundreds of new features, yet each one is polished and unique to what you might have seen on addons before. The entire End Boss Fight is reworked as a multiple-stage boss fight featuring the almighty Big/Thanos Chungus. This addons Master Oogway, along with many weapons and items that you can obtain from him, and Big Chungus along with a plethora of interesting items in order to beat and take from him as well as three original music tracks by me for the end boss fight.MMMMMMM............. MONKE

Oogway(and related items) - 

Master Oogway

Spawns often on grassy biomes. #

Neutral however if attacked, will attack back.

Attack damage: 10

Health: 60-70hp

Loot: 0-2 Fragment of Oogway's shells(can be used to craft Oogway armour, see below).

Oogway armour

Oogway helmet:

Effects: Water breathing 1

Durability: 700

Protection: 7


Oogway shell

Effects: Resistance 1

Durability: 800

Protection: 15


Oogway leggings

Durability: 800

Armor: 9


Oogway boots

Durability: 800

Protection: 5


Trading with Oogway:

With carrots and golden carrots you can interact with Master Oogway to trade with him and gain important items:

Tradable items:

Note: The Bonk Stick, Float stick, and Chi stick have the same texture

Float Stick

Durability: 850

Damage: 5

By holding space you can fly when holding the float stick, and you permanently have slow-falling

Bonk Stick

Durability: 850

Damage: 11

This weapon does a ton of knockback

Chi Stick

Damage: 1

This weapon shoots an explosive projectile when used

Requires golden carrot to buy


Other Items:

Fragment of Oogway's shell 

Dropped by Oogway when killed - used to craft Oogway armour


Charged Fragment of Oogway's shell

1 in 20 change of being dropped by Oogway when killed - used to craft God Stick


God Stick

Requires all three sticks tradable by Oogway to craft

Durability: 3000

Attack damage: 20

Special abilities-

On use - fires same projectile from Chi Stick

On use while crouching - Knocks back nearby entities and sends you flying upwards


Uno Reverse Card

Durability - Can only be used once

Abilities when holding:

Deals damage to entities and players if they attack you

Protects from high falls

Reflects arrows back at entities and players if they shoot you

Vital for Big Chungus Boss Fight!!!!!!


Evil rabbit

Hostile - will attack nearby players

attack damage: 10


Big Chungus

First stage of End boss fight

Health: 300

Attack damage: 6

Ranged attack: shoots flaming lasers from eyes

Special attacks (activate every 20 seconds or so):

Big Jump - blasts nearby players away

Explosion - effects wither and slowness to nearby players

Uno Reverse Card Vital for Stage 2 of End boss battle

Thanos Chungus boss battle - top secret



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1 change - title of addon.

Previous title - "Oogway's expansion"

changed title - "Big Chungus Boss Battle (Master Oogway, Music + more!)"


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Average MCPEDL Commenter December 30, 2021 at 5:17 pm
Better than 75% of the addons on MCPEDL
One of the weirdest shits ever I went like KUNG FU PANDAAA
One of the weirdest shits ever I went like KUNG FU PANDAAA
One of the weirdest shits ever I went like KUNG FU PANDAAA
One of the weirdest shits ever I went like KUNG FU PANDAAA
One of the weirdest shits ever I went like KUNG FU PANDAAA
One of the weirdest shits ever I went like KUNG FU PANDAAA