Published on November 22, 2021 (Updated on December 25, 2021)

OP Squid V1.3

Hello there!Somehow most people say that Glow Squid is the useless mob that ever updated. Well they say Squids are useless enough actually, Squids that only drop Ink Sacs are useless right? But with this addon activated, SQUIDS AND GLOW SQUIDS ARE NO LONGER USELESS!  Squids and Glow Squids now drop OP ITEMS!  Introducing the OP Squid Addon! Made by: NotYetamis

As i said, With this simple Addon, Squids and Glow Squids now Drop OP Items instead of Ink Sac or Glow Inc Sac!


Well they are quite many...

Note: Description will be just short because it's just a simple but OP addon.


Here are some drops while killing the Squid and Glow Squid:

The drops are Random (Like Netherite, Diamond and other stuffs) and randomly OP ENCHANTED!

Note: There are no Curse Enchants of it because as I said OP!


Here are some drops tips:

What do squids drop?

- Netherite Block

- Netherite Ingot

- Netherite Armor (Randomly Enchanted)

- Netherite Tools (Randomly Enchanted)

- Ancient Debris

- Diamond Block

- Diamond Tools (Randomly Enchanted)

- Diamond Armor (Randomly Enchanted)

- Diamond

- Lapis / Gold / Emerald / Iron Blocks (It drops Raw Blocks too)

- Emerald 

- Totem of Undying

- Elytra (Randomly Enchanted)

- Enchanted Golden Apple (Notch Apple / God Apple that's what they used to call it)

- Golden Apple

- Shulker Box

- Firework Rocket

- Trident (Randomly Enchanted)

- Flint and steel (Randomly Enchanted )

- Obsidian

- Tnt

- Ender Pearl

- Blaze Rod

- Ender Eye

- End Portal Frame and many more...

New in V1.3 Update

(Loot Add and Fix Update)

No pictures in this update but there are sudden changes.

Fixed: Fixed the Netherite Chestplate (Which doesn't enchant)






And more stuffs, I can't remember.

Make sure to turn on these Experimentals for the Addon to work!


Works Best in 1.17 to 1.18 Version!


Can be compatible for Android / Windows 10 / Consoles and IOS Users!



We should end here becuase the Addon is simple but OP!

Have a good day and enjoy your OP addon!

(Too much OP for one day) :)

Select version for changelog:


(Loot and Add Fix Update)

  • Added more loot.
  • Fix Enchantments of the Netherite Chestplate.
  • New Linkvertise link 


For Mcaddon, just simply import by using Zarchiver or a Archiver Application.

For Zip, just simply move / copy the file to the games folder. 

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