Published on June 03, 2021 (Updated on September 05, 2021)

Open Source Chunk Loaders

Open Source Chunk Loaders is a free addon that adds chunk loaders to Minecraft Bedrock Edition. These can be used for a variety of purposes, like loading farms that don't require a player to be nearby to work, like crop farms. Unlike the existing /tickingarea command, Open Source Chunk Loaders use an entity with a minecraft:tick_world component to keep chunks loaded. Within reason, unlimited chunk loaders can be added, from a 2 chunk radius, to a 6 chunk radius. This will NOT work as a player, farms that require a player nearby like Iron Golem farms or spawner-based farms, will not work.

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  • Updated version number to match with MCPEDL (assuming I remember file verification)
  • Fixed an issue preventing chunk loaders from being summoned when stepping on the block, in the nether/end (#82)


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Very helpful especially for command blocks when using in creative :) Also brings more use to nether resources as they're need to craft this. The only one of three mods with this concept on this site to work.
This man is an absolute genius
it doesnt work on 1.17 and up. updates?
Annoying to see the label "Chunk loader" through walls and floors especially if you put a few in a line

It doesnt say the chunk load distance in the chat like in your video, probably because im not using command blocks to set it, so a bit harder to figure out how far it goes but not that bad to guess from the texture of the block
If you want, you can modify the functions/cda001/chunk_loader.mcfunction file and change line 1 to remove the last part when it said "Chunk Loader". This will remove the name.

Like I put in earlier in the description of this, it would also be very helpful if you were to download a chunk borders pack, that plus the textures of the chunk loader should help you to get an idea.

Really appreciate this feedback btw, thanks!