Published on March 17, 2021 (Updated on March 19, 2022)

Cda's Morph [BETA]

This Add-on is in BETA, and there will be bugs

Cda’s Morph Add-on brings the popular Java Edition Morph Mod onto Bedrock Edition! This currently supports all the mobs as stated by Minecraft Gamepedia, minus the Ender Dragon. You are able to morph into mobs and take their appearance and more using items that you can either craft or get by killing a mob.

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Version 0.1.0:

  • Updated Properly for 1.18.10
  • Added Iron Golem Cracking

Welcome to Beta!

Developer Message:

Hey everyone!
It's been a fun year. Over the last 365 of this pack's lifetime, the pack has attained over 260 THOUSAND downloads from the Mediafire links! That was completely unexpected. Anyway, I want to update you a bit about the future of this add-on.
With the release of Cda's Morph Beta 0.1.0, I feel like there are so many parts overall that have accumulated to me being unhappy with the project overall. Therefore, I want to make a compromise and a deal. For the next few months, this will be the last update.
I get what this means. The pack will likely not be updating for the next few updates, and so may fall outdated. It may still *work*, but unfortunately it may not work as properly as it should. Additionally, with the 1.19 Wild Update creeping up, this means that the new mobs such as Frogs, Tadpoles, and the Warden will not be implemented.

Why am I halting?
Simply put, this project has ended up somewhere I am not happy with. So many workarounds, bugs, issues, etc. Even from its first release, the project was rushed. Over time, I ended up sacrificing quality for quantity. Mob abilities were never implemented properly, and so many mobs had issues with themselves. So, I have a new plan.

I'm technically not halting.
You just aren't seeing it. Over the last year, a plethora of new features have made their way into Minecraft. With these features, I plan to completely revamp Morph. The items and subpacks, which caused TONS of issues, will be no more. It will also end up more similar to its Java counterpart. But it takes time.
It's why there likely won't be any more updates. I want to dedicate all my time spent developing Morph, on this single revamp.

Thank you for enjoying Cda's Morph for a year, and I hope you all have another great day.


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Follow UP: If items don't appear whatsoever, reapply the behavior pack (it for whatever reason it unapplies), and follow the toggling instructions (also below the recipes):

You can also toggle if you want to only be able to obtain by crafting, by killing, by both, or have no way to obtain. To do so, go into your world behavior packs. Tap on it, then tap the gear icon. Then, drag the slider to the appropriate one you would like. Options:

Left - No Way to Obtain in Survival
Left Center - Only Recipes
Right Center - Only Loot Tables
Right - Recipes & Loot Tables

Basically, for whatever reason, it doesn't set a default subpack so nothing works.

If it still fails to work, let me know!
and please don't make the enderman teleport!
also add particals to the enderman,
fix speed and add the enderman holding animation
to morph hold the mob morph item then crouch /jump at the same time tp morph!
how do I morph
Hey Cda! So I just wanted to say that this mod or add on is amazing for me!but here are 5 things that did not work

1. I did the thing that you told everyone but it didn’t work

2.When I killed the mobs,it doesn’t give me the morph mod

3.When I craft it,it doesn’t show up the morph

4.I don’t have Minecraft bedrock but I do have Minecraft education

And 5. It doesn’t show up my avatar to morph

And this is a report
where is the mob sounds
cda94581 the morph of the cat, wolf is glitched and does not show the texture.
As well with the screen size as a small mob.
can you fix this bug on how you run way too fast and I don't like it, if it's okay can pls fix that thank you
bruh is this really addon? if its a virus delete it...
are you almost done the dragon morph?
Hi pls make morph warden Allay and frogs 1.19 the wild update
Unlike other Morph addons, this one isn't hard to use and doesn't require experimental features! (Even though I'm using it on my worlds) I have a resource pack on, which changes the bee model. (Not better bee model, but cuter vanilla bees) I'm very happy!
it won’t work I’m trying the cat morph
Cat are better than dog morphs 😂😂😂