Published on December 07, 2022 (Updated on September 23, 2023)

myQuestAPI| Make a Quests Easily

Make quests easily without having to type a lot of code with Open Source Quests. Without any limitations. Support custom items and blocks. Compatible with all addons and latest versions of Minecraft. 

Select version for changelog:


v.1.3.8 (Compatibility Update)

Compatible with Minecraft 1.20.30


v.1.3.7 (Compatibility Update)

Compatible with Minecraft 1.20.10


v.1.3.6 (Compatibility Update)

Compatible with Minecraft


v.1.3.5 (Minor Update)


  • Fix some bugs
  • Remove unused variable
  • Add compatibility for Minecraft 1.19.83 (API 1.2.0-beta)




  • New configuration file > script/user/config.js
  • New option > enable or disable mQAPI
  • New option > enable or disable icon
  • New option > enable or disable title
  • New automaticaly quest title generator
  • New about form


  • Remove subtitle variable
  • Remove welcome screen function
  • Remove useless features


  • runCommand > runCommandAsync
  • Support 1.19.50
  • Updating mcpedl page
  • Add permission


Supported Minecraft versions

That's amazing, I really like your work! May I use your code to put on my ADDON? I am creating an RPG and will indicate the original author of the code.
This Addon is great and I would love to use it, but until you can use commands for the rewards I won't be using it.

Btw; Not trying to hate on this addon, it just does not fit my needs for my server.
Do you think it can be created in such a way that there are multiple items as a condition for a quest?
you tellin me to code?
in 2023?
I think a UI update is very much needed, as the vanilla UI doesn't cut it if you want a lot of quests. I think it would be a cool update that everyone would enjoy, the UI doesn't have to be too great, but a tabs menu and a description option for the quests would go a long way.

Keep going with this project, and have a nice day!
I have created a search system in mQapi version 1.4.0 (It's on my Github). But it's problematic, I don't know how to fix it.
Please update for version 1.19.70 🙂
is there a way to make quest repeatable
hello. I've been working on a server that's a mmo rpg. was just curious if you were interested in being a part of it with your quest API. for more info and if you want to see the world hit me up on discord>STAINLESS84#9332
When you want a quest with multiples of a single item and/or multiple items, can you use an array (like in rewards)?

Also, Is the rewards array able to have multiple items by adding in new paired entries into the array?
Hi I have sent you discord message regarding some stuff thank you
you should probably make a youtube tutorial or somethung like that
mason flint (not my real name just a name i use to roleplay) January 14, 2023 at 12:11 am
there anyway you can make it easier on people who don't know how to deal with .zip
don't worry, they'll look for it on the internet :D
Thankyou so much for the addon it will help me make my server look better
the book still wont open can you make a video i tried everything
I'm looking forward to your works. Very helpful and Useful :>
I have a question mr.Creator (I already added you on Discord)