Published on December 15, 2022 (Updated on June 12, 2023)

Random Villager Name v.1.3.5 | API 1.3.0-beta | Minecraft

Random Villager Name is a simple addon that will add names to villagers in your Minecraft world. This addon will randomly select a name whenever there is an unnamed villager. This addon is compatible with other addons. So, I really really recommend adding another addon to make the game more exciting

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v.2.0.0 - Beta

  • Fully randomize name generator (Unstable)


  • Add compatibility for Minecraft


  • Add more names (A-Z)
  • Compatibility for (entityCreate > entitySpawn)
  • Thanks for ⋉ᴋᴀᴏᴇᴜᴛsᴜ⋊


Now the name for the villager is completely random. I'm using someone's name generator script on github. Link :


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Your link is making me install things. I dont want to install things I just want the addon.
I was fixed it. Sorry about that.
Its not putting the names on the villagers pls fix it plssssss i really want villagers to have generated names!!!!
Observation Administracji March 27, 2023 at 6:13 am
Is this still working? Because I edited to name a custom entity from a mod, but it doesent apply the name. I removed a bit names and added a few custom ones and replaced the id of the mob from minecraft:villager_v2 to the mob i wanted the names to apply.
I see youre very responsive to comments, could you use something other than a zip file and not link vertise? 1 im too stupid for zip files, and 2 link vertise wants me to well.. download virus links every single time.
How to convert .zip file to .mcpack :
1. Open file manager (If android, i i'll recommend to using zarchiver. I don't know for iphone)
2. Select the addon thats you want to convert to .mcpack
3. Click rename
4. Delete the word .zip and add the word .mcpack
5. Don't forget to save :>

For more information : abcdave#9467 (discord)
I think you should make another addon and have all the steves or/and add blue steve, diamond steve, gold steve, purple steve, rainbow steve, bedrock steve, lava steve, fire steve and maybe enderbrine
the addon broke, please fix :(
why is it a winrar file? pls fix! or tell e how to apply!
it's cuz I'm using a zip file. You can rename this file format to .mcpack and double click it.

About how to rename file format, you can searching on google ^^
Anyway to add more mobs like wolves, cats, etc:).
Or at least tell me how to add more mobs
copy and paste this code below it, then change "minecarft:villager_v2" to the mob you want to add

if (entity.typeId == 'minecraft:villager_v2') {
entity.nameTag = generateName()

idk whether this method works or not but, let's give it a try :D
Hi, I would like to be able to install this addon but I can't because I'm on version 1.19. Could you adapt it for that version?
1.19? Which one🤔? This addon supports version 1.19.50+
beta api only 1.19.40 or higher