Published on December 29, 2022 (Updated on May 23, 2023)

JUST BIOME 2: New Experience

Just biome now doesn't only use vanilla blocks as terrain objects! The world will be even more beautiful with custom blocks. try this addon before i change it to paid addon in the next update...

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  • Wisteria Leaves with 4 color
  • Wisteria Vines with 4 color
  • Moss Tree
  • Upsidown Flower
  • Ground Flower
  • Cattail
  • Beach Grass
  • Large Grass, Large Oak Sapling, Large Birch Sapling, Large Deadbush, Wood mushroom
  • Leaf Pile (Ground Leaf)


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Just letting you know, Minecraft does not allow people to charge money for addons. I know creators should be paid for their work but that is the way it is. An alternative would be a Patreon or becoming a marketplace creator.
How does this work because the colors aren't showing up for me....?
dm me on discord abcdave#9467
sorry, there is an mistake in this article. I wrote which should be Because the domains are almost similar😅
when will the next update be?
I dont know. But if you want to see what I'm working on, you can join my discord:"/"ZeVUDhuwpG

Thanks :D
Definitely giving this addon a 5-star with a few notes:
1. I agree with other commentators that the current structures' scatter chance is a bit too high. You might lower it out and relegate those structures as "very rare" structures with half the current chance of spawning, while simultaneously add new, smaller structures to complement the theme of each reworked biomes.
2. While I don't see any issue with the trees being large and towering more than twice its original size, its scatter chance is a bit high so forests are a bit dense and much more dangerous to lurk on even in daylight. Reduce the number of trees in each chunk may help, this also should help weaker devices to load the world faster (+ balance out the in-game economy as wood will become slightly rarer)
3. Some ideas for next updates : expand the addon to rework more vanilla biomes! I already see a huge potential from just a few biomes being reworked and this would be the ultimate world generation addon of choice if you rework more and more biomes (to the very least, rework the Overworld and underground ones ;) )

Otherwise it's a fairly well-made addon with beautiful and diverse scenery and structures filled with mobs to add up the challenge.

Works well even in a fairly low-spec Android phone, so these optimization should help others feel the taste of your reworked biomes! Keep up the good work ;)
Note : I don't see an urgency to split this addon into two separate addons (biomes and structures separated), but if you feel you need to, do it at will :D
I really appreciate it. I'll do what i can. Thanks for your feedback :D.
The structures seem to generate super close to one another and it does ruin the look most of the time. For the time being until you can figure out the generation on how to make them separated, could we have a separate pack with the biomes or structures? Or even a subpack option to enable the structures? I think it has so much potential because it honestly looks awesome when structures do not form everywhere, and you see the tree generation. Thank you!
ok, I will separate the structure and biomes of this addon in the next update. Thanks for your review
Structures are sometimes generated 6 or more very close to each other which ruins the experience, like 7 clock towers next to each other ruining the biome and this is repeated many times, just make the structures rarer and it will be perfect because the biomes are beautiful thanks!
I think so too.. I will fix this in the next update. Thanks for your review
!You have a lot of potential bro if you keep it up you could make one of the best plugins for bedrock! You could add an aquatic biome type a bottomless pit plis
thanks for your review, it means a lot to me
Crashes a lot on playstation like every few minutes or less
idk how to fix it cuz i dont have playstation:>