Published on August 02, 2020 (Updated on August 02, 2020)

Ore Miner+

Do you want to experience vein mine in java but with ores only? This addon adds just that. With any kind of pickaxe you can now vein mine ores .

This add-on adds the ability to vein mine ores even the new 1.16 ores including ancient debris!

You just need to sneak and equip any kind of pickaxe while mining the ores and it will vein mine it.

Like Java whenever you use vein mine it will reduce your hunger for this add-on it will apply a hunger effect on you.

The vein mine has a radius 8 outside that range it will stop.


Fortune enchants will not apply to the vein mined ore.

If a player is inside that radius and is also mining but not vein mining the vein mine will also apply.

No need for experimental mode that means this can work with multiplayer worlds and realms that has this add-on.

This can also be combined with my Tree Chopper+ add-on without any problems just make sure this add-on is on top of the TreeChopper+ addon.

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  • Added Hunger effects
  • Added more details about the add-on in the post

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I've been looking for an add-on like this. I'll share my experience once I try this
Its doesnt work. Fix it.
When you sneak, it doesn't vein mine
Dont work :(