Published on March 31, 2020 (Updated on October 03, 2020)

Ore Sheep Add-On v3

This Addon adds 21 new types of sheep to your world, They spawn naturally in the wild and you are also able to transform a regular sheep into a new type of ore sheep. That drop ore blocks when sheared

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-Added 5 new types of sheep

-Changed the way you transform the sheep

-Fixed Breeding

-Fixed sheep not eating

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Oh works, just needed to put in resource pack first
This Is NOT Working On My Xbox. When I load in the behaviour pack in Minecraft, it says Incompatible. I am Version 1.17.0 The Newest Version And Is Caves And Cliffs Part 1., Please Update This,
I had a problem where it wouldnt work unless I downloaded it as the resourse pack and the behavior pack at the same time.
Any one else have an issue of no slime spawns or phantom spawn with the mod? If it isnt just me can we get an optional down load with out the zombie sheep please and thank you.
Cant seem to get normal sheep to change into an ore sheep via splash potion of weakness and the correct block they just dont want to eat them...
netherite please
Please add compatibility to MCBE 1.16
Are the sheep here new entities or did you overwrite the existing dyed sheep?
Two major issues, I hope they get solved after 1.16 releases.
1) mobs don't despawn(I was playing on betas)
2) the ores don't grow back.

One of the two issues needs to be solved.
After I shear them they don't grow back
Hello, I can translate your addon into Russian and Ukrainian. Just write your Discord.
Can you please added a Netherite Sheep and Make hes eye Red and Make it So strong
I wish people didn’t rate you 1 star for the link, this is one of my favourite addons, the concept is so simple but executed perfectly, I also love the cows addons and I can’t wait for future updates for that too ☺️