Published on June 07, 2020 (Updated on June 12, 2020)

World Edit Add-On

This world edit addon adds a lot of functions that will help you edit your world a lot faster, It adds a lot of functions such as allowing you to remove trees/water/snow in seconds, adds custom brushes to make huge structures and more.

This addon adds 40+ Functions that will help you edit your worlds a lot faster.


-Install and activate the behavior pack

NOTE: Resource pack only requiered if your game language is NOT set to english

-Use /function help to get a list of every command that is available,

-To stop any command there are two ways you can do this, use this command /function stop or you can also just drop a barrier block and it will stop any command

-Use /function give to receive a few items that can activate a few of these commands a lot quicker.

Drop any of these items to activate specific commands:

Barrier- Stops all Commands
Trident- Activates PaintBrush (40+ blocks to choose from)
Light Block- Lights up any area you look at
Stone Axe- Removes any tree you look at
Tallgrass- Removes grass
Snow Layer- Removes Snow
Bucket- Removes Water and Lava
Stick- Activates a dirt brush (to increase size drop it again, 7 sizes available)
Wooden Shovel- 3x3x3 brush that clears any block
Snowball- Adds Snow wherever you look
Leaves- Removes any leaves you look at

/function brush_dirt_large

/function remove_trees  - Remove Trees in seconds

/function light - Light up any area you look at

/function remove_water -Removes Water


/function give         
/function add_grass   
(Adds Grass wherever you look)   
/function add_snow   
(Adds Snow Wherever you look)
/function stop             
(stops any of the commands)
/function add_water        
(Will fill area with water)
/function brush_dirt_large 
(large dirt sphere brush)
/function brush_sand_small 
(small sand sphere brush)
/function brush_stone      
(small stone brush)
/function clear_20x20      
(clears a 20x20 area)
/function clear_50x50      
(clears a 50x50 area)
/function dirt_to_sand     
(turns dirt to sand)
/function flatten          
(3x3x3 brush that clears any block)
/function grass_to_sand    
(turns grass to sand)
/function grass_to_stone   
(turns grass to stone)
/function grass_to_snow   
(turns grass to snow)
/function light            
(lights up any area you look at)
/function remove_grass
/function remove_lava
/function remove_leaves
/function remove_snow
/function remove_trees
/function remove_water
/function sand_to_grass    
(turns sand to grass)
/function sand_to_stone    
(turns sand to stone)
/function sand_to_snow    
(turns sand to snow)
/function stone_to_grass   
(turns stone to grass)
/function stone_to_sand    
(turns stone to sand)
/function stone_to_snow    
(turns stone to snow)
/function wall             
(will spawn a wall of stone from the ground to the player)
/function snowlayerplatform50
/function snowlayerplatform100
/function br1              
(Brush Size 1)
/function br2              
(Brush Size 2)
/function br3              
(Brush Size 3)
/function br4              
(Brush Size 4)
/function br5              
(Brush Size 5)
/function br6              
(Brush Size 6)
/function w4_brush         
(wool Brush Size 4)
/function w5_brush         
(wool Brush Size 5)
/function w6_brush         
(wool Brush Size 6)
/function snow_to_dirt     
(turns snow to dirt)
/function snow_to_grass    
(turns snow to grass)
/function snow_to_stone    
(turns snow to stone)
/function snow_to_sand     
(turns snow to sand)

Credit to Dakonblackrose for allowing me to use some of his functions

/function grass_to_sand

/function sand_to_stone

Select version for changelog:


-Added 10 new brushes (7 different sizes)

-Added a new Paint option with over 40+ different blocks to choose from

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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3.6 / 5 (15 votes)
Doesn't work 😢😢😢😢
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While it's rather hard to use, I understand this is the best world editor that can be achieved just with the current addon system (without Android-specific ModPE). It's actually useful and is definitely better than no world editors at all.
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Let the function wall go through water pls!!
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when i typed /function help it says function help not found
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it kept sending me to "AdFly" and when i click skip add it just drag me into telling me to allow the nofications and there is nothing i can go through the download
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thats not him its adflys problem. dont leave a bad review for something that isnt in the game
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Ignore or click deny / block and then click skip ads (Do not click their ads)
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Its an amazing mod, very useful. However, i highly recomend you update this mod so it works properly on the newest/latest version of minecraft bedrock edition. Currently when i go to add the mod to a map, it says incomplete. So i highly recomend you update this mod
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Dear Mr Bony,
It does not work on IOS Minecraft Pocket edition. What can I do to make it work? Can you update it? Thank you and have a good day!
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Can you update the addon for the latest version
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Very good world edit i like it
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Hi I love your addon its so cool could you friend me on minecraft then I can show u wat i have created with it
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plz plz plz make it so when you right click it stops the brushes bc i havent figured out how to stop the clear tree thing
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How do I turn it on for mcpe? I’m so angry I’ve been trying to for hours because it filled up too much storage on one world and now it won’t work at all what do I need to turn on?
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Same. I am having a frustrating time as well figuring it out. Maybe I’ll contact him directly and ask….
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How do you change what The brush uses? also really cool mod btw!
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I kinda want some commands like /function replacenear_(anyblock type) 10 (any block type) so i can terraform my end dimension to overworld
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thats what /fill is for ?
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Wrong. The /fill command replaces ALL blocks in a specified area. the command they want replaces ONLY CERTAIN BLOCKS THAT THEY SPECIFY. It would be a useful command.
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Yeah, /fill can do that. I use /fill to do this all the time. Just put replace at the end and then put another block for it to replace. You can find the syntax of any command on the wiki.
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no it cant, i just tryed it
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