Published on April 26, 2020 (Updated on April 30, 2020)

Outlined Ores - Faithful Edition

Ore Outliners are quite self-explanatory, and they are pretty popular in the Minecraft community. However, there are lots of people who use texture packs such as Faithful, meaning that the typical ore outliner would make an awkward transition from 32x to 16x. This pack uses the Faithful textures for ores, meaning it is recommended to use Faithful with this pack,

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Changed the links to MediaFire due to an issue with file uploading on MCPE DL's end

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can you (or someone) PLS make a updated version with deepslate ores
These borders look good, but can you make a MultiPixel version?
I never understand why some people like ore outliner
bruh just get multipixel guys, faithful is the old textures of minecraft upscaled and multipixel is the new textures of minecraft upscaled
TheMemeManHimself April 20, 2021 at 7:43 pm
Lmao multipixel has stolen textures and a notification saying it on the title screen when you put it on my guy
Excuse me? Multipixel was developed by Zou, someone who worked on Faithful. The notification is because someone named Hybred stole textures from Multipixel and Faithful while copyright claiming both.
Shut the fuck up you obviously didn't read the notification right because it says that Hybred stole textures from Zou's MultiPixel and Faithful packs. MultiPixel has NO stolen textures whatsoever.
shut the fuck up
The notification in the title screen of the pack doesn’t say that. You obviously didn’t read it. The textures of Multipixel is different to the Faithful textures. It is also a dumb thing to do because it would just make people not download it (I don’t know why you come out with that thing). The notifications said that a creator named Hybred tried to copyright claim his Faithful and Multipixel for copying its textures from “Hybred’s Tools” (even though he is the one who copied it) after reporting the download link of one of his packs with copied textures.
What is the resolution?
Nevermind I looked it up.
ok already love it because it has no ads.
I love this pack, however the quartz one has the other netherack texture, can you update it to the current one?
Guys stop asking for him to upload Faithful to MCPEDL that’s called pirating and that’s literally illegal
This is good, but it is the old faithful textures and they are not compatible with the updated ones.
Do you have an faithful texture pack?
hey is it ok if you upload the fairhful texture pack on mcpedl, thanks!!
Dude that’s like illegal
Regular faithful is no longer on mcpedl so if you could post, it would be great
It’s illegal
I love you
Guest-8707875692 May 02, 2020 at 3:47 am
Is this x16?
my computer says there is a virus threat!
thats not the creators fault, you did something wrong, did you click the link, hit download, and open the download on the bottom of the screen