Pac-Man Addon

The Pac Man has returned! Now Enjoy it in minecraft is one of the most famous classics of all time and a worldwide phenomenon in the video game industry.

There will also be my enemies that are the 4 ghosts.

Creators: Fernan Addons and Team Infinite Minds

Twitter: @8Fernancraft 

Twitter:: @TInfiniteMinds 

This addon adds to pacman and the 4 ghosts: red, blue, orange pink

The objective of the character is to eat all the balls on the screen, at which point the next screen level is passed. However, four ghosts or monsters, go through the maze to try to capture and destroy Pac-Man

pacman has its own animations when opening and closing its mouth

this addon does not replace any entity

in this addon you can now play with pacman and make your adventure maps with the addon

The ghosts are not the same, so while Blinky is very fast, and has the ability to find Pac-Man on stage, Inky is very slow and often does not find Pac-Man.

Ghosts try to attack Pacman. But Pacman tries to escape them and pacman loves eating eat balls


pacman health: 53

health ghosts: 54

Ghost Red:he will chase pacman and attack him

Ghost Pink:he will chase pacman and attack him

Ghost Orange:he will not chase pacman only attacks him if he is close

Ghost Blue:he will try not to persecute pacman will only pursue him if pacman is near the

the ghosts are peaceful with the player but are hostile with pacman

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correction of errors in the addon

it works for minecraft 1.10 and 1.11



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Aku tidak bisa mendownloadnya
Ich kann den addon nicht herunterladen! Ich Installiere mir nur einen Virus! So bald man weitergeleitet wird, wird automatisch ein Virus heruntergeladen! Ich kenne mich mit sowas eigentlich gut aus, aber es funktioniert nicht! Ich würde es am besten nicht versuchen, wenn ich du da draußen wäre!