Published on January 15, 2021

Parkour Biome 50 Level

Hello Im the creator for this map, because you want downloaded this map, you have to read the instruction.

  • The first instruction, you have to parkour level until level.
  • The second instruction, if you in the lava or nether level, you have to checkpoint on comment button in up if you playing minecraft,

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The is already requied and the file download is already updated. Subscribe my channel ! Please mcpedl accepted me !



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Great map by the way!! Quick question, I have a youtube channel, and I was wondering if I could use the map for one of my vids? I will, of course, give you the credit, and if you would like me to, I could put a link to mcpedl for people who want to use the map.
Do you think it is hard for the submission to be accepted by mcpedl? I saw your changelog and I feel that too
btw good map
same with my seed it hasn't been published but I'm waiting until I have YouTube
Wow 😲😲😲