Hello everyone, I am from the maker of this minecraft folder will provide instructions on this map.

  • The first instruction, When playing this dropper minecraft map, you must complete the dropper level in sequence. For example, you have to play from Level 1 to the last level.
  • Second Instructions, When you are in the dropper level, you must try to fall from a height but not die, because it hits the water. If you fall touching the water, then you can go straight to the next level. In this dropper map there are only 8 Levels.
  • The third instruction, you can play with your friends but at least 5 players.
  • The fourth instruction, when you have fallen safely, you must look for a trophy in the form of golden at each level after falling.

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This map is Awsome. You have falling down in up and down. Im sorry, this spawnpoint has error. You have to spawnpoint on chat box in minecraft, Write, /spawnpoint.



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When i died in level one i spawned in level 7 you might want to get that fixed.
you can do /spawnpoint youre name
then you spawn there
I die on level one and I either go to level 7 or spawn outside ._.
Yeah everytime i spawned in lvl 7
This sucked as every time I died I was either spawned outside or at level 7, also everything is spelt wrong and the commands are either outdated or you don't know how to use them. I thought this would be better than it actually was.
Spawn issue always taking you to level 7 annoys me, but good and well-designed map.
I generally enjoyed this dropper, a few bugs but not enough to annoy me. Great map with creative levels, love 7 in particular. 4/5 stars for a spawn issue I had but other than that, excellent map!
yes sir 5 star for you (:+_+:)
Thanks for put on the link on MediaFire, five stars for you