Published on July 19, 2021

Parkour Cubiculum

Parkour Cubiculum is a new Minecraft parkour map consisting of 12 unique themed levels of increasing difficulty. Will you be able to pass all the levels and beat the cubiculum? Download today and put your abilities to the test!


  • Multiplayer is supported, but not recommended, as the world has not been optimised for multiplayer.
  • Attribute The Sonic Master if recording on this map, and include a link to this MCPEDL page (NOT the map file directly).
  • Do not dissemble or redistribute the map or the included resource/behaviour pack(s).


  • Created by The Sonic Master.
  • Resource/behaviour packs developed by The Sonic Master.
  • Artwork/banners made by The Sonic Master.
  • Custom arrow blocks made by Amdree.
  • Building contributors: Amdree, TortillaJustice, SoulDinosaur115, MinecatMeow, IDrxp x1q.

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  • ParkourCubiculumTHESONICMASTER.mcworld (9.39 MB)
  • (9.39 MB)

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this parkour sucks so hard!
It's finally here :D