Published on December 19, 2021 (Updated on August 19, 2022)

ParkourWars v1.0.3

ParkourWars is a unique two-player minigame mixing Skywars and parkour together. Navigate your way through a map of floating platforms, loot chests scattered around, and eliminate your opponent to claim victory!

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Update 1.0.3:

  • Fixed some things that could completely stop the game from working (my bad)
  • Added scoreboards! Every time you win a game, your score will increase.
  • (Also added a button to reset the scoreboard in the lobby)
  • Completely revamped the spectating system, it's now completely optional at the press of a button
  • Sped up the game start, it now only takes 5 seconds instead of 10
  • Bedrock & ladders now disappear after 40 seconds instead of two minutes
  • Spawn parkour is now slightly easier



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