Published on December 19, 2021 (Updated on February 17, 2022)

ParkourWars v1.0.2

ParkourWars is a unique two-player minigame mixing Skywars and parkour together. Navigate your way through a map of floating platforms, loot chests scattered around, and eliminate your opponent to claim victory!

ParkourWars is a minigame made entirely by me in which two players parkour across a series of floating platforms to kill each other. It's quite similar to Skywars - chests are scattered around the place containing blocks, projectiles & armor - however, the parkour aspect is taken to the extreme.

Some jumps may look difficult, or even impossible. This is where blocks come in - you can use ladders and bedrock to make jumps easier and reach new places. Beware, though - they disappear every couple of minutes!

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-This is a two-player minigame. If there are multiple players, two will be selected at random and the rest will spectate.

-Try not to leave the world whilst playing/spectating - it'll glitch the game when you join back in!

-This is my first ever map released! be nice please;-;

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Update 1.0.2:

  • Fixed a bunch of stuff I broke in 1.0.1 oops
  • Completely revamped the teleportation commands, render distance doesn't matter anymore
  • Changed the time machine - it's now an NPC with selectable buttons
  • Changed the spectating system for watching current matches
  • Slightly changed how the game ending works
  • Additional tweaks and fixes to the map


This map was made & tested in 1.18 - it may break in older or newer versions.

To install the map, simply just click the .mcworld file - Minecraft should automatically add the world to your list.


  • ldParkour7Wars.mcworld (5.16 MB)

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